Fight Cold and Flu Season with Vitamin D3

prevent cold and flu symptoms with vitamin d3 supplements

  For decades, parents gave children cod liver oil during the winter months. They had no scientific studies to support their belief that there was something in that nasty oil that was good for you. But new research published in BMJ Open shows that an ingredient in cod liver oil, vitamin D3, helps prevent cold… Read more »

Top 5 Cold and Flu Myths Debunked

Test your knowledge of the cold and flu with these top 5 myths debunked

  Cold and flu season is upon us. Which myths are fact and which are fiction? 1. Flu shots cause the flu –  FALSE The flu vaccine is made up of only parts of the flu virus, not a whole virus, and as a result, it can’t make you sick. There is one caveat – the… Read more »

The Truth About Vitamin C and Cancer

studies show vitamin c can help cancer treatments

In the 1960’s, two-time Nobel prize winning chemist, Linus Pauling, asserted that high doses of intravenous vitamin C could treat everything from heart disease to cancer. The medical community quickly launched their own investigation, but clinical trials conducted by the Mayo Clinic concluded that high-dose vitamin C was no better than placebo at treating cancer… Read more »

Vitamin C is In It to Win It

health benefits of vitamin c and vitamin c supplements

Meet Team Super C22 Vitamin C is at the top of its game! So, it’s appropriate that we included our Super C22 in “March Gladness.” New research shows that vitamin C is rapidly finding new applications in protecting against endothelial dysfunction, high blood pressure, and the blood vessel changes that precede heart disease. Additional research… Read more »

Arguments Create Stress and Weaken Immunity

Your immune system is a collection of billions of cells that travel through the bloodstream.  They move in and out of tissues and organs, defending your body against antigens such as bacteria, viruses and cancerous cells.  When you’re stressed, your immune system has difficulty fighting off these antigens leaving you more susceptible to infections.  Unhealthy… Read more »

Whooping Cough Outbreak Fueled by Vaccine Refusals

According to a new study, the largest whooping cough outbreak since 1947 has been linked to clusters of unvaccinated children. California’s 2010 outbreak of Whooping Cough, also known as Pertussis, infected 9,120 young children and was connected with 10 infant deaths. Although health officials suspected the outbreak was the result of some children not being… Read more »

8 Tips: Maximize Immunity, Minimize Sick Days

Here are 8 tips to follow to maximize immunity and minimize sick days during this cough, cold and flu season! 1.  Decrease Sugar It’s hard during the holiday season, but cutting back on sugar can have a big impact on your child’s susceptibility to illness.  Sugar weakens your immune system and feeds bacterial and viral… Read more »

Are You Missing Out On Optimum Immunity?

Most people are worried about their immune system during the fall and winter months because the cold weather taxes your body. At the same time, many people get sick during the summer for one reason or another. It’s a busy time of the year and all the hustle and bustle can really wear on your… Read more »

Take steps to fight the flu before and during its onset

In the current flu epidemic, healthy people are asking themselves – and their doctors -what they can do to prevent the illness from affecting them and their families. The first answer is to get a flu vaccine. Everyone over the age of six months can get a vaccination safely, and it’s particularly recommended for those… Read more »

University study finds people should expect coughs to last longer

Patience may help people with a cough more than antibiotics, researchers at the University of Georgia believe. A study on how long people expectcoughs to last, compared to the time it actually takes to subside, found that expectationsdiffer significantly. Because many people believe their cough should be gone in about a week, many ask their… Read more »