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Blue Light Blues

After a year of many of us spending more time than ever on screens, it’s time to really examine the negative effects of blue light. Research suggests that the blue light emitted by smartphones, tablets, laptops, and many other electronic devices, is negatively impacting the quantity and quality of our sleep.  Darkness is a natural… Read more »

Chronic Inflammation and Prostate Cancer

Researchers have found a link between chronic inflammation in prostate tissue, (an over reactive response of the body’s immune system) and aggressive prostate cancer.  Prostate cancer is the second most common form of cancer in American men.  The findings were published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention. Scientists studied a type of prostate… Read more »

The Importance of Whole Grains in Your Diet

Adding more whole grains to your diet is a good idea. Not only do they provide vitamins, minerals and other nutrients needed to keep you healthy but whole grains also contain dietary fiber, which may help reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and digestive difficulties, such as constipation. Grains are divided into two subgroups: whole… Read more »

Things You Should Know About Stress

A little bit of stress can actually be good for you.  In small doses, it can help motivate you to succeed and perform under pressure.  However, that chronic feeling of being overwhelmed can have some serious health implications.  Here are three things you need to know about stress. 1.  Stress is Common – Everyone feels… Read more »

Reduce Your Risk of Diabetes

The food we eat provides us with energy in the form of glucose.  However, if you have diabetes, glucose builds up in your blood and cannot get into your cells to be used for energy.  When glucose levels remain high, over time, it can cause damage to your eyes, kidneys and nerves.  You are at… Read more »

Undiagnosed Diabetes in Heart Attack Patients

According to one study, at least 1 in 10 heart attack patients may have undiagnosed diabetes.  Researchers tested the A1C levels (a standard test to determine blood sugar levels) of 2,854 heart attack patients who did not have a known diagnosis of diabetes and found some interesting data. Among the patients, 287 (10.1 percent) were… Read more »

Five Reasons Men Lose Weight Faster than Women

During this past year, many of us put on some extra pounds.  Whether from stress eating, or just being home and around food all the time, the Covid weight gain is real. If you’re a woman and it seems like your male partner is having more luck than you, you’re not imagining things.  Men typically… Read more »

Why Women Need Probiotics

Probiotics have gained in popularity and with good reason.  They are best known for aiding digestion, and are especially helpful for those suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and constipation.   But if you’re a woman, research has shown that the beneficial microbes in probiotics may also support immunity, mood, and vaginal and urinary health. Healthy… Read more »

Five Healthy Summer Lunches to Go

Whether you’re headed to work or a day at the beach, packing a healthy lunch can be an unwelcome, daunting task.  With a little thought and practice, it doesn’t have to be so bad.  Packing lunch has many advantages – it’s cheaper, usually healthier and has endless possibilities.  Here are five healthy summer lunches to… Read more »

Is Stress Causing Your Heartburn?

When you are experiencing stress – either chronic stress or ongoing tension from life’s little stressors – your digestive health is impacted. Psychological stress can impair contraction of the GI tract, induce inflammation and even increase your susceptibility to infection.  The connection between your brain and digestive system is so strong that researchers have found… Read more »