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Eating Antihistamines

Allergy season is getting an early start this year. Allergies are caused by an exaggerated immune response to triggers such as pollen, mold and dust. And while avoiding the allergen is ideal, it’s not always possible or practical, especially in the spring when pollen is everywhere. Instead of fighting back with antihistamines, a natural alternative… Read more »

Stress and Allergies

Keep calm and reduce your allergies? A recent study published in the journal, Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, found an association between higher perceived stress levels and allergy flare-ups. Allergies occur when your immune system overreacts to a – generally harmless – foreign substance (allergen), launching chemicals such as histamines that provoke allergy symptoms…. Read more »

Spring Allergies Arrive Early

It looks like the groundhog may have been wrong. Instead of six more weeks of winter, many parts of the US are experiencing warmer than normal temperatures, meaning allergy season is coming sooner. Instead of snow, many parts of the country have been plagued by days of rain and damp weather. Rain carries mold and… Read more »

When to Workout for Weight Loss

Are you an early riser who prefers to get in a good workout before work? Or would you rather decompress from your day by sweating it out at the gym? The timing of your workout can directly impact your weight loss success. Getting your workout done in the morning often results in working out more… Read more »

Crest the Weight Loss Plateau

Losing weight takes time and patience and sometimes it can feel like it’s an uphill battle. In the beginning, you were rocking it – every time you stepped on the scale, you were down a few pounds. But then, your progress begins to slow and eventually, you stop dropping weight at all. You’ve hit the… Read more »

Why Men Lose Weight Faster than Women

Are you and your significant other trying to shed some pounds? Does it seem like he’s having more luck than you? Unfortunately, it’s true. Men typically lose weight faster than women. Here are some reasons for this unfair phenomenon: More Lean Muscle – men usually have more upper body muscle than women. Since muscle burns… Read more »

Potassium for Heart Health

February is American Heart Health Month. Potassium plays a role in every heartbeat. A hundred thousand times a day, it helps trigger your heart to squeeze blood through your body. Potassium also helps your muscles to move, your nerves to work, and your kidneys to filter blood. Potassium doesn’t treat or prevent heart disease. But getting enough of it can help your heart in many ways:… Read more »

Ten Foods with More Potassium than a Banana

Potassium is an essential nutrient used to maintain fluid and electrolyte balance in the body. It is the third most abundant mineral in the body and is required for the healthy functioning of several organs including the heart, kidneys, brain and muscular tissues. Potassium also plays an important role in keeping the body hydrated and… Read more »

Five Signs You Need More Potassium

Potassium is one of the many unsung heroes your body relies on for health and wellness. It is crucial for muscle strength, nerve functioning and heart health. While you may be consuming enough potassium in your diet, you can still be deficient in this vital nutrient. That’s because the more sodium you consume, the more… Read more »

Heart Healthy Foods You Should be Eating

Eating for a healthy heart isn’t as hard as you might think. Start by filling your plate with tons of fresh fruits and vegetables. Increase your fiber intake and eat fish a couple times a week. Limit saturated and trans fats as well as salt. Certain foods have been shown to improve your heart health…. Read more »