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The Best Fitness for Men

You don’t have to be a serious athlete, but getting daily exercise is important for so many reasons. It helps energize you, maintain your optimum weight and even boosts your mood, while warding off illness.  If you’re not the type to hit the gym, here are four of the best fitness exercises for men: Biking –… Read more »

Men: Prioritize Your Health

Recent movements have been aimed at encouraging men to take their health seriously.  For example, the goal of National Men’s Health Week is to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys.  Men – you can prioritize your health a by doing the following:… Read more »

7 Diet Tips for Optimum Prostate Health

Over 30 million men suffer from prostate conditions that impact their quality of life.  There’s no proven prostate cancer prevention strategy.  But you may reduce your risk of prostate cancer and other prostate related conditions by making healthy choices, such as exercising and eating a healthy diet. Instead of focusing on fad diets or specific… Read more »

Five Foods Rich in Magnesium

Magnesium is an extremely important mineral. It’s involved in hundreds of chemical reactions in your body and helps you maintain good health. Unfortunately, many people don’t reach the recommended daily intake of 400 mg. However, eating foods high in magnesium can help you meet the daily requirement. Here are 5 healthy foods that are rich… Read more »

Calcium Deficiency and Depression

Most of us know that calcium is important for strong teeth and bones. Your heart, muscles and nerves also need calcium to function properly. But you may be surprised to learn that calcium is important for regulating mood and behavior. Calcium deficiency can be linked to various health concerns, including depression. Long-term calcium deficiency can… Read more »

Magnesium for Migraines

The International Headache Society (IHS) defines a migraine as a headache disorder with recurrent attacks (at least five) that last from 4 to 72 hours, are associated with nausea and/or sensitivity to light and sound, and also have at least two of four other characteristics including: pain that is of moderate or severe intensity; throbbing… Read more »

Fitness Foods – Before and After

When gearing up for a workout, carbs are your friend.  However, they need to be a blend of complex and simple so that the energy release is slow and steady, rather than a burst of energy followed by that awful sluggish feeling.  Post workout, you need protein to help your muscles recover. Here are our… Read more »

Muscle Recovery with Whey Protein

It is generally agreed by experts that consuming protein following a workout is beneficial for muscle recovery, but the best type of protein remains debatable.  A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition determined that whey protein (a group of protein found in milk and milk-based products) has an advantage over casein for muscle development…. Read more »

Make Exercise a Habit

Summer is here and longer daylight hours, better weather and perhaps some vacation time are leading you toward living a healthier lifestyle, including more exercise.  But how do you ensure that your fitness trend becomes a habit and not something that will fade with the next season?  Here are some tips to get you started… Read more »

You Can Still Enjoy the Outdoors with Allergies

The sun is shining, the temperature is perfect and you’d love nothing more than to be outside enjoying it.  But the pollen is also raging and your allergies have you feeling like your head is floating five feet above your body.  You could hole up inside and admire the outdoors through a window, or you… Read more »