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Radio Specials

If you listen to the Chris McKay Show, no doubt you know that his guests love to give our customers an extra free supply with their order to try our products. To get your FREE extra supply, select the products below featured on the radio and then select either the Buy 4 and Get 1 Free or Buy 6 and Get 2 Free!

  Vitamin D-3 Melts This on-the-go high potency formula provides 5000 units of the most effective, powerful and safe form of vitamin D (cholecalciferol). These…

Priced From: $32.95

CalMax® Original Calcium and magnesium work in harmony to fight the damage of stress-related calcium deficiency. 400 mg calcium 200 mg magnesium 500 mg vitamin C

Priced From: $29.45

Packed with 1500 mg of 22 of the most powerful forms of vitamin C, Super C22 fights the aging process naturally, while also boosting immunity,…

Priced From: $42.29

Manage Your Weight Safely and Effectively  SKINNY D  Clinically proven to nourish your body while helping you manage your weight safely and effectively. With only 10…

Priced From: $54.95