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Calcium and magnesium work in harmony to fight the damage of stress-related calcium deficiency.

  • 400 mg calcium
  • 200 mg magnesium
  • 500 mg vitamin C

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Results may vary from person to person.

100 reviews for CalMax® Original

  1. Stephanie Francis


  2. Shirley Allen

    Seems to be doing the recommended job.

  3. Helen B.

    Mine came yesterday; so, I drank it last night early evening..unbelievable..was able to go back to sleep when the dogs woke me twice-not how it’s been..This morning, I was not feeling the discomfort nearly as has been that by the time that I had fed my dogs and had a cup of coffee while online, I’d have to go take 2 ibuprofen to even “think” about the rest of the chores – and I’ve done them..did have another dose after my first cup of coffee..this is more than I thought could ever be..I so recommend this..

  4. Evelyn A.

    Very very good!

  5. Lora Wilson J.


  6. Heather S.

    I’m excited to try CalMax! I’m hoping it helps with my ailments and to sleep more soundly. I was very impressed with the gentleman that took my order! He was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions.

  7. Joel C.

    It’s a good product.

  8. Mary C.

    It’s a great product. I’ll be using it again.

  9. Alicia

    Great product!

  10. Louisa J.

    I have used CalMax for nine years and don’t want to be without it. It keeps me going. I’m 78 years old.

  11. Raymond E.

    Purchased in May 2022. I noticed a positive effect right away. I drive for a living. And I know what happens every time I hit a bump or pothole. To my surprise, there was no discomfort, no muscle spasms. YES, I will be ordering again.

  12. Gloria N

    Great and easily absorbable!

  13. Gloria N


  14. Timothy

    Excellent product

  15. A.M.

    Our family has used CalMax for about 22 years. For me, I know I am low on magnesium when I feel a leg or foot cramp coming on. I hobble to the kitchen and immediately dissolve the powder in hot or cold water and drink it asap. Immediately all current and future cramps are gone. Also sometimes I have a hard time swallowing, so I use the same mix and get a little bit to go down and within seconds, I can swallow again then I drink the rest of the mixture. I should use it every day, but i forget until there’s a problem. CalMax is amazing.

  16. Thomas B.

    Good stuff, I sleep well.

  17. VerRona H.

    Glad to use the product. Helping my back feel better.

  18. Mary K.

    I’ve been using CalMax for some time and enjoy it before bed. I find it relaxes me, and I sleep better than I have in the past.

  19. DAVID A.

    I’m 74 and I recently heard about all the benefits of CalMax on a talk radio station. When I ordered my initial 6-month supply of CalMax, I asked if I could add it to my coffee. The answer was “Sure!” Well, I first tried it alone in boiling water… Yuk! Then, I tried it in coffee with creamer & sweetener… it ruined my coffee! Finally, today I added it to diet cinnamon tea with sweetener and this is quite good. I’ll continue to drink it with the cinnamon tea for breakfast and before bedtime. I’m glad I found the right drink method for me or I might have considered trashing the 6-month supply. It’s too bad it could not taste good by itself in hot or cold water.

  20. Thomas B.

    Good stuff.

  21. Jackie L.


  22. LaVina W.

    Have used this product for years. But after knee surgery, I was able to get along without it until recently; now I am having leg discomfort and cramping again. I am finding that nothing works as well for sleep as CalMax. It also helps the discomfort I have during the day. But I am using it mainly at night. Thanks

  23. Cynthia M.

    My father loves this, avid fan, has used for over a decade!

  24. Thomas B.

    Love it.

  25. Michael C.

    I’m a Welder from New York. I have been suffering from joint discomfort for years that makes me feel like giving up. But My 15 year old son heard about CalMax on the radio and we ordered it the same day. I have been taking it for a few months now and it’s been a big help with no side effects.

  26. katky89

    NO GIMMICK! IT WORKS! I’ve been plagued with nightly leg cramps for over a year. This stopped them IMMEDIATELY. (within 2 days). A friend gave me a sample. Her truck driver husband with leg and foot discomfort and she are believers. I’m in the pack with them. I’m always skeptical of trying anything new and usually resort to strictly diet to change my problems. This did the trick. It is my nightly ‘hot toddy’.

  27. MEAGHAN K.

    Love this product!

  28. Ella G.

    I used this before and thought I didn’t need it anymore. But sleep has not been the same, so I am ordering it again! I have cramping in my body, and legs and feet. It helps soo much. Sleep is so natural..can’t wait to get my new order!

  29. Ella G.

    Can’t wait to get my new supply! Used years ago, and have begun having cramps. I remembered the potassium, so getting it again!

  30. Erin B.

    I’m 29 years old. My grandma gave me this and I use it every day around 2pm. It is amazing. I believe it has helped me during my monthly cycle. I feel less bloated and I am experiencing way fewer symptoms around my period than before. The best part is there is no sweet or fake flavor. This feels like something I can continue to incorporate with my lifestyle. Ordering my second container!

  31. David L.

    I have used this before and it has helped me.

  32. Paula N.

    I’ve been taking CalMax since the first time I heard Dr. Pinkus on the radio talking about this formula he used for the USA Olympic 1996 Track Team and their recovery time. My legs were always aching and cramping. So I tried it. Later I read his material and found how it helps the heart also. So I am a 23 year user of the product. My family has all used it. I am now ordering for my son-in-law who has had 2 surgeries plus chemical pills and still has some problems. CalMax settles his heart down much quicker and keeps him calmer.

  33. Angela H.

    My hubby and I have been taking CalMax for years and love its muscle cramp support!!!

  34. Harold H.


  35. Tami B.

    I would like to try CalMax to help me with stress and weight. I feel my body is out of wack and needs to be taken better care of. I have listened to the audio on the radio and hope this will help keep me from diabetes,

  36. Elfreda A.


  37. Winston M.

    I suffered terrible leg cramps for many years during the night especially after sweating excessively during exercise. Nothing worked until I tried CalMax. This product works for me!

  38. Rose C.

    I’ve been this product for the longest time and achieve good results!

  39. Doina G.

    I have been taking this Calcium since July, this year. I don’t feel my joints! I feel light, no pains and I have deep sleep during the night. Soon I will go for my annual check up and my bone density test. I expect a good surprise.

  40. Timothy S.


  41. Joseph D.

    Good stuff, really helps!

  42. Janet P

    I take it for my BP. Once a day or once every 2 day helps keep my BP normal.

  43. David V

    I have been using CalMax for 2 months now and really notice the difference in my knees and ankles.

  44. Rochelle W.

    I heard about this product yesterday on a radio station in Indianapolis, the interviewer was talking to the doctor about the many benefits of taking it. I have used many things and nothing has remotely helped me, I am skeptical but, I called in my order today can’t wait to give it a try and see what happens.

  45. Fran

    I just recently found 3 bottles still unopened in the mailing container we had ordered for my husband. I decided to try it for my back and my daughter is trying it. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!! Both of us have seen a great improvement right away!!!!! Love it and will be ordering more !!!! 5 stars

  46. Barbara D.

    I have seen some improvement taking the CalMax , my knees feel much better. 4 stars!

  47. Edward S.

    I suffered from fatigue and leg and knee discomfort. Heard the commercial and was very skeptical. I am happy to say concerns were unwarranted. I have more energy, almost no discomfort. I only wish I would have taken this a lot earlier. I constantly recommend it to everyone I know. CALMAX works!!!!!!!!!

  48. Ruddy M.

    This is good!

  49. Lorne S.

    Works for me!

  50. Betty T.

    CalMax is wonderful! I have known it since 2001 but at that time, I bought it for my aunt. She had shoulder discomfort, but after I gave her CalMax she said her shoulder discomfort was gone. This year, my body is always uncomfortable all the time. I tried many supplements and medicines but they did not work properly. I don’t know why I kind of remembered the supplement name CalMax. I googled it and bam…I found it. I bought 6 of them plus 2 free. I sent some to my parents and some to my brother. So far all of us are happy; more importantly we feel like our bodies are brand new with more energy. I will buy CalMax again in the near future. Me and my family can’t live without CALMAX!

  51. Mary C.

    I told my friends and family about CalMax. Some have tried it and they say it’s wonderful!

  52. Chelsea B.

    I am currently pregnant and wanted to take a calcium supplement. I had mentioned this to my mom who had just purchased a case of CalMax. After reading the benefits I also became interested in drinking it for stress management.When reading the signs of low magnesium levels, I felt like I was reading a list of all of my ailments. Since that day I have been drinking CalMax at least once a day. I have MUCH less anxiety (most days I have none at all), my blood pressure readings have been “normal” at the doctor, I sleep better and generally feel calm. I love CalMax and am sooo glad that my mom just so happened to purchase it and have it available for me to try. I would have probably gone much longer trying to manage my stress in other ways instead of turning to magnesium. Now anytime someone mentions they have stress or trouble sleeping I immediately tell them they need magnesium!! I’m obsessed.

  53. Jan J.

    While I did not experience the benefit of the product I had hoped for, I do appreciate the call I received today from Angela. It was an outstanding customer service experience. I am grateful for the time she spent speaking with me and her interest and willingness to resolve the issue to my satisfaction. Because Angela showed a genuine interest in my current concerns, beyond the scope of this product, I believe her when she says that the product is excellent and that most people experience benefits. While unfortunately, there are others who do not. With that in mind, on behalf of Dr. Newton’s Naturals, I am going to take the unused containers I have and donate them to our local Vietnam Veterans Association chapter. With members being older, there is likely to be some who can benefit from using the CalMax. Thank you again for resolving this issue.

  54. Maria

    I just started taking CalMax last night and this morning for the first time, I woke up with less body aches. I also feel less fatigue. I have been battling fatigue for awhile. I asked my doctor and he as no answer. Hopefully as the weeks goes by, I will feel even more results.

  55. Eileen L.

    My sister and I take CalMax and it has helped both with discomfort and sleeping. It works great.

  56. William C.

    CalMax has been great! I didn’t believe it at first. It helped me sleep, it helped with leg discomfort.

  57. Rogelio B.


  58. Dave T.

    Honestly for years now I’ve been experiencing body discomfort. Thank you Dr. Pinkus for CalMax!

  59. Verle B. MD

    My wife has sleep difficulties. Now she goes to bed with me and falls asleep. She started sleeping better within one week of starting the CalMax!

  60. Nelly G.

    Excellent product.

    I have been taking this product since 2001. I was 38 when I began experiencing muscle discomfort. My doctor suggested CalMax powder and immediately three days after starting CalMax my whole body was calm. I don’t take it every day anymore, but I do take it at least three times a week.

    I do recommend this product to all my friend and or anybody who is suffering from cramps or fatigue. It is an outstanding product!

  61. Amy and Chad M.

    My husband has had hip discomfort for the last year. This is caused by his job, driving continually on 12 hour work days. I heard about CalMax on the radio and thought I have to get this for him. I’m willing to try anything rather than see him hurting even though he was really good at not showing it. It took a week to notice the discomfort was going away. We started taking it Dec. 11, 2015 and we do not notice any of our discomfort we had before. I have noticed my neck and shoulder discomfort is no longer there. No more leg cramps in the middle of the night and I fall asleep fast. I have been telling friends about this. Unfortunately it’s not a cure. If we miss a couple of days things start aching again. I could go on and on about this product. We love it and will keep taking it! We never miss a day.

  62. ggray921

    I’m excited about trying this product.

  63. Linda G.

    This is an amazing product. I have taken it for years now and it does a lot for me. It helps me stay calm under stress, it helps me sleep really well, has helped me lose weight and helped with joint inflammation. It also helps me keep my balance.

  64. Jackie S.

    I love CalMax! I work nights and this helped me sleep all throughout the day. I woke up in a better place and mood…I feel like I can function like the rest of the world now. Life is spectacular with CalMax! CalMax…you have a forever customer.

  65. Tien T.

    It’s very good!

  66. Craig K.

    My wife and I tried CalMax last night for the first time and we both woke up and had less discomfort in our knees! This is great as we like to exercise and noticed a difference after only 1 day! Thank you!

  67. Ms Julia B

    I have used CalMax for more than 15 years. Through the years, I have recommend this to many people. I am jogging, walking miles at a time and am doing all sorts of exercise. I am 68 and I am in the best of health.

  68. Nik

    I absolutely love CalMax! I have been using it for over a year. This time I ordered the Gold. My husband suffers from bad leg cramps and uses it too. It’s a little pricey, but believe me well worth the money spent. I can’t live without it. It works!

  69. Luz O.

    One day I couldn’t sleep when I saw the commercial on CalMax. Long story short, I ordered it, received it and used it. I used it for a few months and then gave away the other cans to friends. I believed in CalMax then and I do now so I’m placing my new order again and this time I’m keeping them for myself!

  70. Pat

    ….I love Calmax and will take it forever. I am recommending this product to my daughter and friends.

  71. Nancy O

    I had been suffering with back discomfort for years. I heard about CalMax on a radio commercial and decided to try it. I’ve been on it for 4 months now and after the first couple weeks, my discomfort was gone and I was able to sleep through the night (something I couldn’t do before). I didn’t take it while I was on vacation and regretted it. My discomfort started to return. When I started taking it again, the discomfort disappeared. I love it and will take it regularly from now on.

  72. Sally B.

    My husband and I started taking CalMax in August 2014. It has helped both of us beyond words; it is the best for leg and knee discomfort. We highly recommend this product.

  73. Janet M

    I am a true believer in this. It works tremendously well. I just gave some to my step daughter and her husband to try and told them how wonderful it is. I usually have to only take it once a day and the discomfort is gone. I neglected to take it for awhile but I am back on it again and it works for body discomfort.

  74. VIRTUE B.

    I have being taking CalMax and Super C22 for 2 weeks now and I no longer have knee discomfort.

  75. RN

    I just purchased the product today. I have read quite a few reviews and the information about how this product affects the body is amazing.I experience joint, muscle and back discomfort, poor sleep pattern, lack of energy, cramps in my hands, legs, and feet, and I know I am not eating balanced meals. I am looking forward to getting my supply and experiencing its benefits.

  76. BC

    I just ordered CalMax today. I read the many positive reviews regarding how it makes you feel. I should get it in about a week. I will give you an update in 2 weeks. I’m hopeful!

  77. marcy r

    I have been using CalMax for about a week now and I have never slept so well. It relaxes me at the end of my stressful day. I love it! I needed this product.

  78. marcy r

    I am planning on trying this product. I hope it does for me what it does for all of you. I will keep you posted.

  79. Marie

    I used this product a few years ago and loved it. Silly me for letting it slip away. For myself, CalMax has a calming and inner tranquil effect. I look forward to adding CalMax into my daily routine.

  80. ba

    Calmax amazed me! I loved what I heard about it on the radio. IT WORKED WONDERS FOR ME!

  81. J B Ford

    CalMax has helped my knee discomfort and also helps me rest more comfortably.

  82. Paul

    I have a lot of discomfort at night and sleep only at hour intervals. After taking CalMax for three nights in a row, I had NO discomfort & was sleeping up to 5-6 hours at a time. I feel more rested & energetic in the last three days than I have in the past five years. I just now ordered 11 more bottles…. please don’t let me down: continue to make CALMAX!!!!!!

  83. Cynthia

    I started using CalMax about a week ago and I have already noticed a difference with my body discomfort. My mom gave a bottle to my sister and I and she has noticed a difference also. My mom has been on it for about two weeks and she has noticed a big difference and is not sore at all.

  84. Ellen C

    I took CalMax today and I kid you not, I felt better within minutes of taking it! My insides totally calmed and my mind is at rest. I plan to take this regularly and recommend to my family and friends!!!

  85. Carol S.

    My neighbor gave me a few teaspoons of CalMax to try. I tried CalMax for the first time last night. Just one teaspoon. I stayed asleep for 6 hours. How wonderful! So much better than my usual 2 – 2 1/2 hr intervals of sleep. My husband wants to try this tonight. So thankful for my neighbor sharing this product with me. I’m ordering some CalMax today! 🙂

  86. Paula L.

    My body, legs, knees, hands, elbows and back hurt constantly. My energy is totally gone. I am really looking forward to trying your product!

  87. Brad and Heidi S.

    I have been using CalMax for 10 years. I put it in my Sleepytime tea if my mind is busy or I am overtired and really need to sleep. I always feel calmer and rested! And it has the other benefits for bones etc. I’ve given many to friends and they all have the same results. Thank you!

  88. Sally

    My husband and I have been taking CalMax for 4 months with amazing results. The severe discomfort my husband had in his legs is gone!! He sleeps at night and seems to have more energy at 83 years of age. Extremely happy with the product. A highly recommended product for joint and muscle aches.

  89. Jean O.

    I got CalMax and have taken it for 8 months. It took effect immediately and I only need one dose daily. I will never let myself run out of CalMax. I am here to reorder today.

  90. teresa m.

    I started taking CalMax in 2000. Five minutes after I drank CalMax, the discomfort in my hand was gone. I have so much energy and I can sleep at night.

  91. Jill

    I have been taking CalMax on and off for the last 5 years. I would quit taking it when I got to feeling better. As soon as I went back on CalMax, I started to sleep better. I think this time I am NOT going to stop taking it! IT WORKS FOR ME!

  92. theresa

    I think this is a terrific product and like it very much.

  93. Candy G.

    I had all the symptoms that the doctor described in his radio talk. I bought Calmax and almost immediately felt the difference. It gave me energy, helped me sleep better, and at work the girls noticed that I was not falling asleep and that I had energy (as before I was dragging). I gave a bottle to my mom who is 87 years old and the same thing, right away she felt better. I gave a bottle to my friend in Dallas. When I asked her if she took the bottle that I gave her she said yes I did, it helped me have more energy. I’m placing my second order for my mom and will also give a bottle to my friend who is not feeling so well. I will write another review to tell you what it did for him. I recommend this product.

  94. Julia B.

    I am able to fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up rested.

  95. Judith R.

    I have used CalMax for years. Keeps from waking me at night plus I sleep so much better. Side effect- keeps you very regular.

  96. Ricky

    I like it. It’s good stuff that works well.

  97. Mike H.

    I have been taking this for two weeks and feel the difference in my legs….I am very satisfied and would recommend this product!

  98. Jorge

    My stress was through the roof due to being a father of 2, business owner and trying to get into medical school. I purchased this product for the promise of a good night’s sleep. This product has definitely delivered. I sleep so much better. I tried taking 1 serving, but it knocked me out for 10 hours. Since then I usually take 1 tsp for a 6-7 hour sleep and then Friday/Saturday night, I take 1 serving (2tsps). It has definitely helped!!!

  99. Kathryn G.

    I decided to try CalMax. I took it for 2 years before I could get another bone density test. Well, my doctor told me I am a “Medical Marvel!” My bone density increased by 38%! Yup! You read right—38%! I was dancing on air! Still am!

  100. Kim H.

    I have been taking CalMax now for 5 days. I do feel less discomfort in my knees. I can walk much better. I seem less wobbly on my feet. I will recommend this product to my friends for joint discomfort. I have my husband on it too.

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Product Description

What makes CalMax loved by millions?

Millions rely on CalMax, our powerful weapon against osteoporosis and stress. The unique blend of calcium and magnesium in CalMax, together with other essential vitamins and minerals, goes a long way toward stronger bones and better health. This hot, or cold if you prefer, lemony drink – replaces vital nutrients your body burns up when you experience stress.

Everyday stress takes its toll

You may not recognize the impact of stress on your overall health because it happens gradually. Little by little you lose energy, experience occasional sleeplessness, and may suffer from body discomfort. Over time, stress can rob your body of calcium and magnesium.

Calcium and magnesium are vital components of any healthy diet. Hundreds of body functions rely on having the proper amount of magnesium. In addition, calcium cannot be absorbed without magnesium. They work together for optimum bone health.

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