Summer Stress Can Stress Your Stomach

Summer isn’t always relaxing for everyone. For some people, summer can cause an undue amount of stress.  In fact, many people feel more stress in the summer months than any other time of year.  Here’s why: Heat – For many people, the heat and humidity of summer are downright oppressive.  This can lead to staying… Read more »

Things You Should Know About Stress

A little bit of stress can actually be good for you.  In small doses, it can help motivate you to succeed and perform under pressure.  However, that chronic feeling of being overwhelmed can have some serious health implications.  Here are three things you need to know about stress. 1.  Stress is Common – Everyone feels… Read more »

Is Stress Causing Your Heartburn?

When you are experiencing stress – either chronic stress or ongoing tension from life’s little stressors – your digestive health is impacted. Psychological stress can impair contraction of the GI tract, induce inflammation and even increase your susceptibility to infection.  The connection between your brain and digestive system is so strong that researchers have found… Read more »

How to Stress Less this Holiday Season

The holiday season usually is a joyful time. Many families look forward to gathering with relatives and friends, exchanging gifts and celebrating traditions. But COVID-19 and social distancing have added a new kind of stress this holiday season.  Don’t let the anxiety and worry get you down.  Here’s how you can stress less this season. Find New Ways… Read more »

10 Ways to Beat the Holiday Blues

For many of us, the holidays will look very different this year.  We may not be celebrating with family and friends.  Perhaps we have lost someone dear to us and are struggling with grief.  Maybe it’s just hard to feel joyous amidst so much turmoil. It is normal to experience feelings of sadness, stress and depression during this… Read more »

Reduce Stress While Working from Home

According to the experts at Forbes, the average business professional has 30 to 100 projects on their plate at any given time. Modern employees are interrupted seven times an hour and distracted up to 2.1 hours a day. Those interruptions are even worse when working from home. Not to mention the stress of job security… Read more »

Stress and Prostate Health

Stress can have a significant impact on your health, but did you know that stress can also impact prostate health? Chronic stress and anxiety can lead to increased risk of prostatitis, prostate cancer and enlarged prostate. Reducing the amount of stress in your life while also eating better and exercising regularly may help slow the progression… Read more »

The Best Stress Relieving Foods

We all know about the foods we shouldn’t eat when we’re stressed – the ones we crave, like chocolate and potato chips.  But did you know there are foods that can actually help reduce your stress levels?  Instead ransacking that old, hidden Halloween candy, try these stress relieving options instead.  Some of them might surprise… Read more »

Your Digestive System Under Stress

These are stressful times and all that stress can really do a number on your digestive system.  The impact of stress on the stomach goes far beyond indigestion. In recent years, doctors have discovered a complex connection between the brain and the digestive system. The entire system is extremely sensitive to our moods, such that… Read more »

How B Vitamins Battle Stress

If you’re feeling stressed or anxious about COVID-19, you are not alone. The virus is dominating news cycles and inundating health care providers. With so much uncertainty surrounding its increasing impact on daily life, it can be easy to feel concerned, overwhelmed, and afraid. All that worry and stress is going to deplete your supply… Read more »