Four Delicious Sources of Vitamin B

Vitamin B is a water-soluble vitamin that is important for various processes in your body. B vitamins are found in many unprocessed foods and can also be taken as a supplement. According to the Mayo Clinic, of the thirteen essential vitamins that your body needs, eight of them are B vitamins.  B vitamins help your… Read more »

Seasonal Affective Disorder Starts Now

The seasons are changing.  Many of us are already anticipating the days when the colorful autumn leaves fade and unless the sun is shining brightly, everything appears to have a gray hue.  It is estimated that half a million Americans are negatively affected by the changing seasons.  They feel depressed, irritable and constantly exhausted.  Activity… Read more »

Three Natural Solutions for Fall Allergies

If you suffer from fall allergies, your immune system is trying to fight off a substance you’re sensitive to by releasing histamine, which leads to all those unpleasant symptoms, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA). These irritants can include specific types of mold, pollen, and weeds, which all typically increase toward the end… Read more »

The Risks of Too Much Sitting

You know too much sitting is bad for you. But just how bad is it? Research has linked sitting for long periods of time with several health concerns including obesity, high blood pressure and more. Americans now sit more than they sleep, spending an average of 10 hours a day in a car, at work… Read more »

Are You Potassium Deficient?

  Your body relies on potassium for optimal health and wellness.  This powerful mineral is crucial for muscle strength, nerve functioning and heart health.  While you may be consuming enough in your diet, you can still be potassium deficient.  That’s because the more sodium you consume, the more potassium your body excretes.  Athletes are at… Read more »

Healthy Summer Desserts to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Summer is a time when we tend to throw caution to the wind and indulge our sugar cravings.  When the ice cream truck comes down the street daily, it can be hard to ignore. Or when you’re vacationing and all the sweet treats look so good, you just can’t help yourself.  But it doesn’t have… Read more »

The Many Health Benefits of Whey Protein

If you’re not familiar, whey protein is the fraction of whey, which is a liquid that separates from milk during cheese production.  It is a complete, high-quality protein that contains all the essential amino acids.  It is highly digestible and absorbed quickly in comparison to other types of protein.  Whey protein is one of the… Read more »

The Sunshine Vitamin in Summer

You may think that just because it’s summer and you’re spending more time outside; you don’t need to worry about your vitamin D levels.  You’re wrong.  Concerns over skin cancer, encouragement to avoid direct sunlight and increased use of sunscreen means we’re all at risk of vitamin D deficiency. Every cell in your body has… Read more »

How to Start and Stick with a Fitness Routine

You know you need to exercise.  But how do you begin a fitness routine?  It can be hard to take the first step, literally, toward living a more active lifestyle.  But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Whether you start by taking a short walk after work or log on to a fitness class online,… Read more »

The Pitfall of all that Pollen

Millions of people suffer from seasonal allergies caused by pollen.  But what is pollen and how does something so small cause such miserable symptoms?  Here is everything you need to know about the allergic response to pollen. While pollen might make you miserable, it actually does have a purpose and that is to reproduce.  These… Read more »