The Pitfall of all that Pollen

Millions of people suffer from seasonal allergies caused by pollen.  But what is pollen and how does something so small cause such miserable symptoms?  Here is everything you need to know about the allergic response to pollen. While pollen might make you miserable, it actually does have a purpose and that is to reproduce.  These… Read more »

Natural Allergy Fighting Foods

Spring is just around the corner and already seasonal allergies are taking hold of allergy sufferers.  Instead of stocking the medicine cabinet with allergy medication, there are foods that offer natural allergy relief.  Those rich in vitamin C and folic acid are especially helpful in reducing the inflammation associated with allergic reactions.  So, the next… Read more »

Relief for Nighttime Leg Cramps

Are leg cramps keeping you up at night? Leg cramps are not only painful, but they are also a leading cause of fitful sleeping, insomnia and daytime fatigue. They speak to bigger problems too, such as dehydration, nutritional deficiencies and sometimes depression. Researchers believe that leg cramps are caused by an imbalance in one of… Read more »

Whey Protein for Immune Support

Immune support is at the top of everyone’s minds these days.  People tend to gravitate toward vitamins C and D. However, whey protein is probably one of the most overlooked tools you can use to improve and protect your immune system function. Whey protein is considered a complete amino acid, meaning it contains all nine… Read more »

Simple Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Now that the New Year is here, our thoughts are often focused on making healthy lifestyle changes. There are many ways to improve your health, but diet and exercise generally come to mind first.  Many of us want to live a healthier life, but don’t know where to begin.  Here are three little things you… Read more »

Supplement Buying Guide

Taking daily vitamins and supplements is important. Studies show that basic nutrients can improve everything from markers of aging and heart disease to memory and mood. The right supplement can reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.  But not all vitamins and supplements are created equally.  It’s important to do your… Read more »

Making Realistic Resolutions

2022 is almost here, and this year we tell ourselves we are going to live healthier, better lives – we will be more active, better manage our weight, and make more nutritious food choices. We will succeed and nothing is going to stop us. But are we making realistic resolutions? In late December and early… Read more »

Habits Leading to Magnesium Deficiency

Some habits are worse for you than others, including those that impact your magnesium levels. According to population studies, less than 30% of American adults consume the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of magnesium.  Even if you think you’re getting enough by eating a healthy diet, some of your daily habits could be inhibiting your body’s… Read more »

Winter and the Sunshine Vitamin

Getting enough vitamin D is crucial for your long-term health. Most of the year, it’s relatively easy to get vitamin D through sun exposure, but that changes in winter. Vitamin D is called the “sunshine vitamin” because your body makes it when sunlight hits the skin. During the darker, winter months, it’s more important to… Read more »

Beating the Holiday Blues

Thanksgiving is soon and we’re headed into the five-week period known as “the holidays.”  It’s supposed to be a joyous time of gathering friends and family.  But sometimes our anticipation and excitement can turn into feelings of sadness, stress and depression often referred to as the “holiday blues.”  Here are ten ways we hope to… Read more »