Super C22

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Packed with 1500 mg of 22 of the most powerful forms of vitamin C, Super C22 fights the aging process naturally, while also boosting immunity, and shielding against heart disease. Just mix the delicious citrus fizz powder with water or juice for quick absorption into your bloodstream.

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67 reviews for Super C22

  1. Brenda W.

    This is great stuff that helps get me through many sicknesses!!

  2. Neomi J.

    Super C22 is very good for colds.

  3. Burny

    My husband and I have been taking this for several yrs now. I highly recommend this product!

  4. Thomas G.

    Seemingly working well in less than one month.

  5. Glenda A

    I am on my third bottle of Super C22. I have one bottle left & preparing my next order. I definitely do not want to be without it. It has helped me so much. The taste is better if you put it orange juice, did not like in water.

  6. Abigail R.

    Great stuff & feel great

  7. P. Stallings

    My husband has terrible joint pain. We have tried EVERYTHING and nothing has worked until he tried Super C22. It works great! Highly recommend!

  8. E Smith


  9. Alfred Z.

    I felt better after about a week.

  10. Kathy S.

    I really love it.

  11. John L.

    Very good. Me and my wife really like it.

  12. Teresa L.


  13. Lee H R

    Been using the product for many years – every morning. I am now 88 and extremely healthy — Super C is a big part of my health!

  14. Michael C.

    Very good source for vitamin C and tasty too.

  15. Don B

    I began using C22 maybe 10 years ago. I really liked the results but did not want to become dependent on it for my energy level. Well, now I am 74 and ordering it to boost my energy level. It’s a wonderful product. I encourage you to try it if you need an energy boost.

  16. Enoch L.

    I use next to no over the counter meds, so glad I could try this!

  17. Kathy S.

    Love it

  18. Dorette P.

    Very good. I’ve been taking it for years. It’s great for immune system and energy. Highly recommend it. I have not had a cold since I started taking Super C22 over 15 years ago.

  19. Anthony H.


  20. Michael C.

    Since I take Vitamin C every day I decided to try this formula.

  21. Kathy S.

    Very good!

  22. Pamela M.


  23. Barbara O.

    Love this product. It helps my energy and keeps me healthy.

  24. Kathy S.

    It’s awesome!

  25. Ann S.

    Excellent product.

  26. Dennis F.

    Awesome for sore knees. Love this product as cycling into my 60’s with ease!

  27. IRVIN K.


  28. Duane M.

    Amazing Stuff!

  29. MYRIAM S

    Great products. Can’t wait to get it but pricy.

  30. Randy E.

    The very best product to fulfill your vitamin C needs! No other vitamin C product compares. Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and get this!

  31. JR

    I won’t buy any other vitamin C!

  32. Chris B.

    This is the best product that my wife and I have ever taken! We love this all natural product! And we have a lot more energy throughout the day to be able to perform our best on our careers! Keep up the OUTSTANDING WORK!!

  33. Damu E.

    My mother, son, brothers and myself have been taking Super C22 for over a year now…it is fantastic! The label is not misleading in the mildest sense. I hope you try this product and you will experience the difference like we have.

  34. Rita R.

    Awesome Super C22!

  35. Helen B.

    I took super C 22 a year ago so I had to look it up again and thank God I found it!

  36. Paul

    I have been taking Super C22 for few months and so far it has been great. Thank you Super C22.

  37. CJ Thomas

    I love Super C22. I have used it the last 5 years.

  38. Cindy L.

    I was referred to this by a friend. Since I Have been taking this, it has helped promote my immune function, no exaggeration.

  39. Anne C.

    I’ve been taking it for many years to help promote immune health. It’s expensive so there have been months or years I’ve gone without where I could really notice a difference. So I’d order again! I also started mixing it with CalMax as an all-in-one drink. Now I’ve been doing this for years & can tell the difference on the days I forgot to take both. Thank you!

  40. KWAME T.

    Great formula, felt better, and helped support my immune health. I actually had to take less than what the directions said. Will definitely order more!

  41. Josephine M.

    I just turned 66 and have been taking Super C22 for 3 months now. My energy level has increased to the point where I no longer need to take afternoon naps! Also, my skin looks visibly smoother!

  42. Charlotte R.

    I started taking Super C22 and Ultimate Reds together about 6 years ago. After about 2 weeks I noticed it helped maintain my gastrointestinal health so I just keep taking it, and it gives me energy too.

  43. Sylvia L.

    I have been taking Super C22 for about 2 months and what I noticed most is the energy I now have. I would come home from work and go straight to bed (totally exhausted!) Now, I come home and have so much energy to keep going for hours. This product has made a big difference!

  44. Joan H.

    If Super C22 continues to support my immune health, it is definitely worth the money. Thank you!

  45. George L.

    Great formula, felt better. Actually, had to take less than what the directions said. Will order more.

  46. Flora P.

    I just started using this product for about a week. I can already feel the difference. I have more energy. It is an awesome product. 22 sources of vitamin C, all in one container!!! So awesome!

  47. Saxine M.

    A very good product, have been taking it for about one year. I absolutely love it and recommend it to anyone who wants to stay healthy overall.

  48. Craig K.

    This is a great product! My whole family stays healthy with this product and we love it! We highly recommend it!

  49. Mary

    I started using Super C22 about 5 years ago. I was very skeptical when I listened to the radio ads then finally decided to try it. I took it religiously for 2 years. It helped maintain my overall cardiovascular health. I quit taking it for a year now but am getting ready to get started once again. I very much believe in this product.

  50. Richard S.

    Super C22 is a good product.

  51. Fred H.

    My wife and I started taking Super C-22 last winter. We sometimes mix it into our morning smoothy, or just a small glass of filtered water. Love it! Great taste as well.

  52. bobby s.

    I think super c22 is very good for your health.

  53. Kenneth S.

    Super C22 is a very good product.

  54. Jose V

    A few years back, I was not able to retain in memory 2 or 4 digits while working on my computer. I got scared and started researching on the web about my issue……..then I found that vitamin C had helped some people to improve memory… I tried Super C22 and a few months later I was impressed with the results…….I recommend it!!

  55. Angela K.

    I have been using Super C22 now for over 4 years, maybe longer. I’ve been feeling great thanks to Super C22. I have shared with family members and they are now ordering Super C22. It’s the best! Please try it – you will not be sorry.

  56. James D


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  57. Ray L

    My brother gave me some and I have been taking it every morning. It keeps me going all day and I just love it!

  58. Ron W


  59. Daniel Rodriguez

    All I can say is WOW! I drink it every morning and I swear this SuperC22 is the BEST!!!! I feel more energetic, am in a better mood and my mind is much clearer. Do yourself a favor and order it – you won’t regret it.

  60. Scott

    I have been using Super C22 for the past couple of years. It’s a really good product. I would recommend this product to any adult who needs an extra dose of vitamin C. Our bodies do not produce vitamin C after reaching a certain age. I do not write reviews often, so this is the real deal.

  61. Mr. Sven Bomberger

    For a very tasty drink, mix a tablespoon of Super C22 with green tea in a glass. Do not use diet green tea. Add ice to glass after well stirred. You will thank me for it! I feel as healthy as a horse at 70 years.

  62. Gussie L.

    My brother had ordered Super C22, and had many boxes of it. I asked my brother if I could try some of his Super C22 and to make a long story short, this product does work. Do yourself a favor and give it a try!

  63. gltrudo

    My husband and I have been using Super C22 for years and don’t ever start our day without it! We love it!

  64. Dana Browne

    My girl friend and I have been using this product for six months. It’s interesting how something like Super C22 can make such a difference. We love drinking it and have noticed a difference. The change has been subtle but we know we feel better when taking it. The difference is felt when we’ve skipped a day or two. We actually rely on it every morning to help kick start us. We are absolute believers in our Super C22 :-)(-:

  65. Danielle Swinson

    I love this product. I have seen the results, and I cannot function 100% without my Super C22. I have seen an increase of my metabolism, have high energy, an amazing calm, and great sleep. I recommend this product. Super C22 is the best product ever!

  66. Hilton S.

    I am absolutely in love with this product; I have been drinking it for several months. Super C 22 offers a great taste, 22 powerful forms of vitamin C that your body needs, and the right amount that should be taken daily. I am very impressed and I would recommend anybody to give this product a shock – it can make a difference in their life…and their health. Way to go Super C 22!

  67. Luz S.

    I highly recommend this product. I have been taking this for a year and it has helped me tremendously. I just drink Super C22 every morning and I am well on my way. Building up your immune system is the way to go!

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Product Description

“C” Your Way to Better Health

  • You may think of taking vitamin C for the common cold or flu, but did you know that this vital nutrient can extend your life up to 6 years? Vitamin C is critical for life, but we don’t make our own vitamin C as most mammals do. If you believe your daily glass of orange juice provides all the C you need, you’ll be surprised to learn that it provides a mere 65 mg. You should be getting 3000-4000 mg of vitamin C daily for optimal health. That’s a lot of OJ!

The Positive Health Benefits of Vitamin C

  • The vitamin C in Super C22™ infuses you with energy, promotes a healthy inflammatory response, supports healthy blood pressure levels, provides antioxidant support and even helps you sleep more soundly.
  • Supercharge your immune health and energy levels. Try Super C22™ and “C” what it can do for you.