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Sublingual Vitamin D-3 tablets contain 5,000 units of one of the most effective, potent and safe forms of Vitamin D – cholecalciferol. This fast melt…

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To optimize energy production in the body, Dr. Pinkus' Sublingual B-12 Advantage uses pharmaceutical grade methylcobalamin – one of the most bio-available forms of B-12!…

Priced From: $32.95
4.25 out of 5

Unlike prescription sleeping pills, Sublingual Sleep helps you achieve restorative sleep. Moreover, since its safe, effective, and non habit-forming, you will receive lasting health benefits.

Priced From: $32.95

EZ Melts Energy, Memory & Mood Enhancer contains powerful nutrients to help support both physical and mental energy to help you feel and perform at…

Priced From: $19.99

Each serving provides 100% or more of the Daily Value for essential Vitamins

Priced From: $24.99

Did you know that most people are deficient in Vitamin D? Vitamin D3 is the most easily absorbed form of Vitamin D and we’ve made…

Priced From: $19.99

EZ Melts CoQ10 Complex contains powerful nutrients to help support a healthy cardio-vascular system. These delicious tablets dissolve rapidly right under the tongue to deliver…

Priced From: $21.99

ELDERBERRY IMMUNE MELTS dissolve quickly in your mouth and are a great tasting way to boost your immunity. No water needed, for quick absorption.


EZ Melts™ Bone Support with Calcium and Vitamins D3 and K2

Priced From: $19.99

EZ Melts Energy Boost Formula contains powerful, fast-acting nutrients that help your body produce more energy.

Priced From: $32.99

EZ Melts Immune System Support with Non-Acidic Vitamin C, Zinc and Beta Glucan contains powerful nutrients to provide antioxidant protection and help maintain a healthy…

Priced From: $21.99

Beta-Glucan is a clinically proven natural ingredient to support overall health and wellness by boosting the body’s immunity.  Beta-Glucan is known to: Reduce seasonal allergy…


Promotes overall retinal and macular health Supports protection of your eyes from harmful, visible light Supports vision in dim light Helps keep eyes healthy as…


EZ-BREATH is a pharmacist formulated all natural oral health solution. Our innovative dual formula tackles bad breath at the source! The melts provide an all-natural solution to bad breath…


EZ Melts Joint Relief Complex with Glucosamine and Hyaluronic Acid contains essential nutrients to help rebuild cartilage and promote optimal joint health.

Priced From: $32.99