Vitamin D-3 Melts

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Vitamin D-3 Melts

This on-the-go high potency formula provides 5000 units of the most effective, powerful and safe form of vitamin D (cholecalciferol). These fast-melting tablets dissolve quickly to deliver the optimum amount of vitamin D-3 to:

  • Support a healthy immune response
  • Facilitate calcium absorption
  • Build stronger bones
  • Promote memory
  • Improve overall health and wellbeing

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Results may vary from person to person.

110 reviews for Vitamin D-3 Melts

  1. Manuel A.

    Excellent – very good!

  2. John L.

    Very good.

  3. John M.

    Works for me!

  4. John B.

    Great product with great taste and quality health benefits for a senior.

  5. Annette L.

    Great for discomfort!

  6. Johnnie

    Excellent supplement! Great energy!!

  7. Manuel A.

    Very good!

  8. Barbara H.

    Great product!

  9. Nicole B.

    I felt better after the first time that I took it.

  10. Joseph W.


  11. Dawn B.

    I started taking Vitamin D-3 Melts a few years back for a whole year. My physical blood work was excellent, but then as I always do, when I feel good I forget what got me there, like most diets and exercise regimes. A few years have passed and at my last physical the Doctor said, what were you doing a few years ago, your bloodwork was great then, you need to go back to that lifestyle. Well, I reordered Vitamin D-3 Melts last year and they said nothing to me after my blood work last week, except you need a measles booster. :):):) I am a believer in the sunshine in Dr. Newton’s Vitamin D-3 Melts!

  12. Suzanne D.

    Been using this product for years now and I really feel like it’s helping me stay healthy.

  13. Elizabeth M.

    Great product

  14. Cathy K.

    Great D-3’s That have a great taste.Thank you, Cathy Kuhns

  15. Janet D.


  16. Kim D.

    Very easy to take, and tasty

  17. Barbara H.

    Been taking for at least 3 years. Great product !!

  18. Celestine B.

    Love this D3 don’t want to run out!

  19. David T.

    Easy to take and works well.

  20. Felecity S.


  21. betty c.

    Been taking Vitamin D-3 Melts for five years and can not say enough great things about it. It has helped me with my joints and I feel like I can walk for days for a 74 year old lady. I give Vitamin D-3 Melts a big 5!

  22. joanne

    Love the ease of Vitamin D-3 Melts

  23. Betty

    During my annual physical exam in April of 2021, my physician shared with me that my bones are thinning due to osteopenia. Well, I was not happy to hear that as I have been athletic all my life. One morning on my way to a hair appointment, I heard Dr. Pinkus being interviewed on the radio talking about his product, “Vitamin d-3 Melts”. I was amazed at what I was hearing and dialed the number. I hung up right away as I just wanted to lock the number in so I could call at another time since I was driving. As soon as I got home, I called and ordered two but received three boxes for the price of two!
    I want to say, I am excited about this product! The fact that the pill actually melts in your mouth and you don’t have to worry about taking some vitamin D horse pill is what got me sold!
    I’m not sure as to whether the medication is helping slow down my osteopenia and won’t know until my next CT scan in three years. I do want share that I feel a whole lot more energetic.
    Thank you, Dr. Pinkus, for creating such an amazing product! Keep up the good work!

    Betty – Philadelphia – July 22, 2022

  24. Jacque

    At first I did not see any change, but after taking it for 2 months, that’s when I noticed that my energy was up my knee pain was gone. So I gave some to my 25yr old son who has knee pain / leg pain from playing soccer. After taking it, his pain was gone, too.

  25. darlene b.

    first time in decades my D levels are normal

  26. Deanna B.

    This Vitamin D-3 was a game changer for me! My Vitamin D level was 11 and the doctor gave me prescription strength Vitamin D which did nothing. After a few weeks of taking these Vitamin D-3 melts (which taste great) my Vitamin D level went up to 40. I will continue taking these for a long time I am sure. I highly recommend them!

  27. Ken D.

    Great Product

  28. Cynthia F.

    Excellent product. I have been taking fit or 3 years now and feel great. Energizing and takes stiffness out of joints. Cannot recommend highly enough.

  29. Malcolm W.


  30. Timothy S.

    Works for me

  31. Bryan G.

    In 2019 I developed severe pain and numbness going down both of my legs making it almost impossible to walk. After several months, I started taking this D3, and within days, I had zero discomfort. With the pandemic coming on, it was several more months until I could get in for surgery to remove a huge cyst on my spine pressing against the nerve. Without this product, I don’t know what I would have done.

  32. Jeffrey D.

    I like them

  33. Myrlie C.

    My mom had a problem with vitamin D in her body. Now that I give her D-3 Melts, her tests are coming out so good. Thank you Dr Pinkus – I love you for this!

  34. Paula S.

    Great Product

  35. Roger R.


  36. Sarah

    I had been taking D3 5,000 IU for over a year & my blood levels stayed at only 35 then I started on these 5,000 IU D3 Melts & in a few months when my dr sent me for bloodwork my level went up to 80. Totally amazed me & my dr too.

  37. Bernice K.

    Great product

  38. Tim S.

    It works for me

  39. Judith P.

    D-3 Melts helped me get up and get moving, start living again.

  40. Tim S.

    Works great with my diabetes.

  41. Calvin P.

    My wife and I take one every morning before we go out the door! I feel great at my age and we dance and play basketball.

  42. Sarah

    Before taking these D3 melts my vitamin D level was 30 and only a few months later taking one every day, my last vitamin D blood level is 80. I will definitely continue taking these.

  43. james o.


  44. donna r.

    very good

  45. Steven S.

    Rarely have I said anything about a product, but this one deserves a good review. I’ve searched for years and tried different vitamin D supplements and I can tell you that none come close to this formula by Dr. Pinkus. It’s the real deal!

    Just over a week ago, I was heading to a friend’s house to go kayaking as we normally do on Sundays. Fore some reason, I decided to scan the radio stations to look for an interesting program. I caught Dr. Pinkus being interviewed toward the end of the show, but what I heard intrigued me. So, I waited to hear the offer for the Vitamin D3 Melts and called the toll free number. The price was a bit high so I chose to buy one box and try it out. The customer service agent encouraged me to take advantage of the special offer… wish I would have.

    Let me tell you that the first day I took the product, my energy increased. The second day I felt incredibly good. And the third day, wow! I’m now on the seventh day and my energy is higher than ever before. I’ve suffered from chronic fatigue my whole life. The Vitamin D3 Melts have literally changed my life! I’m going to order more because going back to the way I was would be miserable.

    Dr. Pinkus, I would love to be interviewed and speak about your product. It’s a game changer for me that I know would help many people like me challenged with chronic fatigue. I can’t wait to see what else it helps in the future. Thanks SO MUCH for developing superior products that really make a difference in people’s lives.

  46. Lisa

    I’ve been taking it two weeks don’t feel any difference in the stiffness in my legs
    Maybe I should take a month and then give a review on Vitamin D3 Melts.

  47. alice p.

    Reordering. My blood work was good with it.

  48. M. Cox Jr


  49. Vernon P.

    Been trying to get my D3 level back where it should be and this is the only thing that helps! It’s almost back to a normal level.

  50. SUSAN L.


  51. Victor B

    I like it.

  52. Henry C.

    I could not use any vitamin before your vitamin D-3 Melts, because when I did, after one week I couldn’t sleep due to all the additional stuff that is put into most vitamins. Anyhow I started to use D-3 Melts about one year ago and it is amazing. My hair is so beautiful that my friends and family think I am wearing a wig. I am so excited that I am placing an order for 24 for friends and family who believe in it because of my results. Thank you Dr. Newton’s!

  53. Anton S.

    I have used the product for almost a year now, it works great for my joints especially my knees. I ran out and after two weeks my joints began to ache again.


    I have been taking an OTC from the local pharmacy of Vit D for 7 years. No luck getting my # in normal range. Today I got results of my bloodwork after trying this product for 3 months and I am in normal range for the first time. I was in shock and pleased the promoted benefits are not hype. Thank you!

  55. susan d.

    I feel the lack of energy when I am off it. My aches come back too.

  56. Virtue B.

    Good product

  57. Pauline J.

    These are amazing

  58. Dorys I.

    Been taking this product for 6 months now. It is a great product.

  59. John L.

    Very good – gives me a lot of energy.

  60. gloria l.

    I have enjoyed this product.

  61. Barbara

    I feel more energetic

  62. Shelley M.


  63. Hhamdan19

    Don’t know what to say except thank you! It’s been about a week now and starting to realize what I was missing! Amazing product! Can’t wait to get my next order of the vitamin B melts! I don’t really review products unless I feel people really should go out of their way to try; It’s rare and this is one of those items! I don’t want to over sell this but really thank you for caring enough to make a product like this!

  64. Valetta D.

    Love this product! I have my energy back and the discomfort in my legs has vanished.

  65. Janice C.

    My spouse has been taking this product for years and is very happy with it.

  66. Tricher W.


  67. Nancy J M.

    I’ve been taking D-3 Melts for a year. ABSOLUTELY LOVE the product! I see a lot of people state they ran out and bought a cheaper bottle from a store with NO NOTICEABLE RESULTS. I say you get what you pay for! Thank you Dr. Newton’s Naturals for a WONDERFUL product (AND THANKS FOR THE FACT THAT WE ARE ABLE TO GET 4 BOXES PLUS 1 FREE FOR 131.80 OR 6 BOXES PLUS 2 FREE FOR 197.70) THAT IN ITSELF IS A GREAT DEAL. I love your amazing products as I also take CalMax and if I run low, it’s time to cut something out of my monthly expenses to make sure I can keep a product that really helps me on hand. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH! Do not change anything in your product to make it more affordable (because then we’re just buying store products). I WILL PAY FOR WHAT I KNOW WORKS!

  68. Elizabeth

    I’ve been taking it for 5 months and notice the difference in my strength and movements. I will continue to use it.

  69. Julius R.

    Fantastic product.

  70. Marjory S.


  71. Ronessa J.

    On my second order.

  72. Lisa L.

    Both my husband and I noticed that our backs don’t ache as much.
    (I’ve been sharing mine.)

  73. Neuza M.


  74. Sharon J.

    I have been taking it for a while and have noticed the difference.

  75. Lisa L.

    Noticeable difference in back discomfort.

  76. Barbara P.

    Feeling great and love this product!

  77. Judy S.

    I seem to have a lot more energy when taking Vitamin D3 melts.

  78. Hilda C.

    Wonderful product!

  79. Janet W.

    We feel much stronger when we take the Vit D.

  80. Janet W.

    We really feel better when we take the Vitamin D3 Melts.

  81. Anne T.

    I have a bone density test every year, and was always told my Vitamin-D level was excellent. The next time I saw my doctor, he was pleased. I now know the importance in taking D-3 Melts. Plus I feel much better when I take the D-3 Melts.

  82. Susan S.

    I love this vitamin. I took it because my legs were tired, but they are not with D3. I ran out and I can sure tell the difference so I’m reordering.

  83. Cherry M.

    Love this product!

  84. c-floyd

    Wonderful product and I feel great!!!

  85. Michael H.

    Good fast source of vitamin D!

  86. Karen S.

    This is awesome – works like nothing else I have tried. Started taking them on the 27th of June 2019 and it has been amazingly good so far. I have absorption challenges and this product has me up and alert, and full of energy. People are even commenting on the new me. Thanks so much for using your expertise to create such a product for people like me. Hats off to you and the team!

  87. D. Clifton

    I get instant energy from this supplement. And I notice the lag having not been on it for the past several days.

  88. Dimitrios M.

    Excellent Vitamin I give it 5 Stars!

  89. Lee S.

    I tried many other vitamins and supplements. I discovered D3 Melts and it has helped support my nutrient levels and I will continue using it.

  90. Gloria D.

    Great D-3 Vitamin need lower price or promotions.

  91. Mike M.

    I loved it and reordered immediately!

  92. Sharma

    Best I’ve taken so far!!!

  93. Karen B.

    I started taking the D-3 Melts. Wow it works! Love the product…must say it is expensive. Thank you for a great product…

  94. Sheila C.

    Hello Dr. Newton’s. I already have your CalMax mix. It is working for me I have lost weight. My doctor and I are very happy. I can’t wait to see what D-3 Melts can do, too.

  95. Karyn R.

    I have tried many different vitamin D brands and this is the only brand that works! Since I have been taking D-3 Melts, my health has improved significantly.

  96. Linda W.

    Great product!

  97. douglas V.

    I like it.

  98. CHARLES K.

    I like it

  99. Kendra H.

    I tried this Vitamin D3 Melts and it helped maintain my vitamin D levels in just a couple of weeks. My complaint is the expense. It is awfully expensive for something that is helpful.

  100. Dennis H.

    Works great on my knees and gives me more energy.

  101. Dawn

    Starting early Fall of 2017 I religiously took D3 Melts. I did not get sick at all through the fall or winter. My yearly physical was May 11th 2018, blood work was perfect. Highly recommend this product. I live in Buffalo winters, not much sun except two months a year if we are lucky:) Get it and take it faithfully you will see a difference. My mood was much better all winter too.

  102. Linda G.

    Since I started using this product, I feel great. Thank you for a wonderful product that has helped me beyond measure!

  103. Hideo

    Love this product! Really great. I’ve been taking this for 2 months now and I really get great results below.
    – No more cramp in my legs during biking.
    – No more joint discomfort.
    – Building muscle quicker than before.
    Now I’m on a business trip for 2.5 weeks and forgot to bring this with me…so I’m getting joint discomfort and dry eyes again. I bought another brand of D3 product as emergency, however there is no improvement…other brand is capsule type and only 1000IU instead of 5000IU.

  104. HA Jordan

    I think this product is doing a good job for all of us in the family, but I have to admit it is pricey. I’ll certainly have to limit my purchase due to the cost.

  105. Susan K>

    My Dr. Newton’s rep schooled me on just how important D-3 is to a variety of our body processes. I was taking it just because I needed it. I’ve made a number of changes to my lifestyle since starting this supplement, but I regard the D-3 to be an important component in my general good health and vitality. At 60, I feel younger and more energetic than I did at 56.

  106. Jennifer G.

    I have only been taking D3 Melts for one week and my joint discomfort is all but gone! My only complaint is the price.

  107. Barbara M.

    The D3 Melts has been a God send for me. I have severe osteoporosis and nothing has worked for me. I can’t take pills as I am allergic to fish products and they upset my stomach. I also have Celiac disease. I couldn’t believe how fast my levels went up. My only complaint is the price.

  108. Elias armas

    Also my wife is taking vitamin D one tab per week, but when she misses it she feels joint discomfort.

  109. Carole

    I tried many vitamin and dietary supplements. I discovered Vitamin D3 Melts and it helped maintain my nutrient levels within just weeks.

  110. Joan – Houston

    The first day I took my Vitamin D3 Melts, my mouth & eyes got moist! I’ve had dry eyes & dry mouth for 3 years! I can’t tell you how wonderful it is for these things to happen!

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Product Description

Fast Melt Tablets Deliver 5000 Units of D-3 Quickly and Effectively

Vitamin D is essential for strong bones, because it helps the body absorb calcium from the diet. This fast melt tablet makes it easy to swallow so the vitamin D-3 gets to work fast. Vitamin D-3 Melts will not lose their potency during the metabolic process.

Do You Need Vitamin D?

Probably…yes! Scientists estimate that vitamin D deficiency is the most common nutrient deficiency in the world…why?

  • We are spending more time indoors.
  • Sunscreen blocks 95% of vitamin D production.
  • Our diets are significantly lacking in vitamin D.
  • Reduced outdoor exercise.
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