The Many Health Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient, meaning our bodies are unable to produce it. Yet, vitamin C has many roles and has been linked to some impressive health benefits. It’s water-soluble and found in many fruits and vegetables, including oranges, strawberries, bell peppers, broccoli, kale, and spinach. Here are the health benefits of adding more… Read more »

Tips for Staying Healthy this Cold and Flu Season

Cold and flu season is upon us, but there are ways in which to prepare and reduce your chances of catching the latest bug. Getting an annual flu vaccine and practicing good hygiene are great ways for a person to protect themselves and others. Some lifestyle and dietary changes can also reduce the likelihood of… Read more »

Five Foods to Improve Immune Response

Your immune system is your body’s best defense against flu season.  But in order to help keep it functioning at its best, your diet should include these five foods to improve immune response. Yogurt – Regularly eating “good bacteria” (or probiotics) can help improve digestion and strengthen your immune system. But not all yogurts are… Read more »

Five Ways to Avoid Catching a Cold

Did you know cold season is almost here? This year more than others, you need to make sure you’re doing everything you can to avoid the latest bug.  Make sure you’re at least following the five tips below: Take Vitamin D – As the days get shorter, your vitamin D levels get lower. Canadian researchers… Read more »

Three Simple Immune Boosting Strategies

When it comes to fighting illness, everyday precautions such as washing your hands often and avoiding sick people are key. But experts suggest that boosting your immune system may also give you an edge in staying healthy. Here are three simple immune boosting strategies you can implement right now. Focus on Food – Eighty percent… Read more »

Probiotic Rich Foods to Strengthen Your Immune System

An important job of your immune system is to protect you from harmful bacteria. The beneficial organisms known as probiotics contribute to this effort in a number of ways. In the gut, a robust population of beneficial bacteria can help crowd out harmful bacteria, making it harder for them to thrive. In addition, probiotic bacteria can… Read more »

Pack Your Probiotics

Many people are starting to venture farther away from home and take vacations.  Chances are there are some new items on your packing list this year – face masks, hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes.  But there’s another important item you should add to your packing list – probiotics. We all know what it’s like to… Read more »

Five Ways Whey Protein Can Benefit You

Whether you’re trying to lose a few pounds, boost your immunity, or get in shape, whey protein might be the answer.  Myriads of new studies are confirming the many health benefits of whey protein.  Here are the top five ways whey protein can benefit you: Lose Fat but Keep Muscle – A team of researchers… Read more »

Arthritis and Lyme disease

Many parts of the country experienced a mild winter. Unfortunately, the lack of cold temperatures means that the tick population not only survived but actually thrived. Many of those ticks carry diseases including Lyme disease. With people spending more time outside in the wake of Covid-19, it is more important than ever to perform daily… Read more »

The Gluten-Free Trend

Just a few years ago, very few Americans knew what gluten was. Today, according to one survey, almost one third of Americans are trying to avoid the element found in grain. In growing numbers, the world’s biggest food makers and restaurant chains are changing recipes and labels to capitalize on the gluten-free trend, creating a… Read more »