You Can Still Enjoy the Outdoors with Allergies

The sun is shining, the temperature is perfect and you’d love nothing more than to be outside enjoying it.  But the pollen is also raging and your allergies have you feeling like your head is floating five feet above your body.  You could hole up inside and admire the outdoors through a window, or you… Read more »

Fight Allergies with these Five Foods

Spring allergies are here and the itchy eyes, scratchy throat and foggy feeling they bring with them are enough to stop you in your tracks.  Before you reach for that antihistamine, there are some foods that can help ease your symptoms.   Try these five allergy-fighting foods: Garlic – garlic is a natural antibiotic known to fight… Read more »

Pollen Protection

Nearly one in five Americans suffers from seasonal allergic rhinitis, more commonly known as hay fever. Hay fever occurs when a person’s immune system overreacts to an outdoor allergen such as pollen. As the pollen of insect-pollinated plants are too heavy to remain airborne for long, the most common culprits responsible for hay fever are… Read more »

Ten Allergy Fighting Foods

If you’re suffering from seasonal allergies, chances are you’ve tried your fair share of over-the-counter and prescription medications in attempt to find relief.  But no one likes walking around feeling their head is disconnected from their body, as if often the case with those solutions.  There is something else you can try.  You may be… Read more »

Spring Allergy Fighting Foods

Spring has sprung and with the beautiful blossoms and chirping birds often comes the misery associated with seasonal allergies.  The good news is that you need look no farther than your refrigerator for natural allergy relief.  Foods rich in vitamin C and folic acid help reduce the inflammation associated with allergic reactions.  So, the next… Read more »

Probiotics for Healthy Skin

The skincare industry is full of trends and fads.  Everyone is looking for the latest and greatest cream to give them healthy skin.  If you suffer from a skin disorder such as psoriasis, acne or rosacea, you are even more inclined to seek out the perfect skincare solution.  Turns out, you might be going about… Read more »

Naturally Fight Cold and Flu Symptoms

If you’ve already caught the latest bug going around, you might have gone for the nearest over-the-counter solution.  But those cold medicines can often leave you feeling groggy and like your head is in the clouds.  Try these natural solutions instead. Coconut Oil – Oil pulling is all the rage right now, but maybe that’s because… Read more »

Why You Should Pack Probiotics During Holiday Travel

We all know what it’s like to get sick when traveling. Whether it’s a cold or the stomach bug, being sick can really put a damper on your holiday vacation plans. You can try to build up your immunity before you leave, but often times we’re exposed to different germs and environments, leaving us defenseless.  Probiotics to… Read more »

7 Ways to Avoid Catching the Latest Bug

Cold and flu season is here.  Are you doing everything you can to avoid the latest bug?  Make sure you’re at least following the seven tips below: Wash AND Dry Your Hands – It takes a good scrub with soap and water to actually rub a virus off your skin. Don’t skimp. Try singing the lyrics to… Read more »

Vitamin D3 During Cold and Flu Season

For decades, parents gave children cod liver oil during cold and flu season. They had no scientific studies to support their belief that there was something in that nasty oil that was good for you.   But new research suggests that an ingredient in cod liver oil, vitamin D3, helps prevent cold and flu symptoms…. Read more »