Reduce Holiday Stress with Exercise

Holiday shopping, increased food preparation, frequent visitors, and managing finances can all lead to increased holiday stress. December seems to be the time of year that everyone throws their exercise routines to the wind. The catch is that exercise can actually make the holidays merrier by relieving some holiday stress. Exercise promotes the release of… Read more »

Hydration is the Key to Summer Fitness

Not drinking enough water before a morning run, sweating it out at the gym or walking the golf course is a surefire way to put you on a path to dehydration doom. Hydration is the key to summer fitness due to increased sweat loss.  Here are five reasons you need to maintain proper fluid intake:…

Four Fantastic Summer Fitness Options

Summer is here and with it, the warm weather. So, take your daily exercise outside and enjoy the many health benefits that come from staying fit.  Research shows that exercising daily helps energize you, maintain your optimum weight and even boosts your mood, while warding off illness.  Here are four fantastic summer fitness options:

Exercise Safely in the Summer Heat

Summer is almost here. Did you know there are different rules to exercise safely in the heat?  Your body has different needs and dehydration is a real risk.  Typically when you exercise, your body is warmer than the environment, but when it’s not, your muscles regulate heat by releasing sweat, which allows the body to cool itself.  When…

Fresh Low Impact Fitness Ideas

Exercise can increase energy, elevate mood, and improve quality of life. There are many different types of exercise, but low impact fitness has its own benefits. Building strength and flexibility can even prevent future injuries, while regular physical activity can lower the risk and progression of chronic conditions such as osteoporosis. Low impact fitness is… Read more »

Yoga May Lower Your Heart Disease Risk

According to a review of yoga and cardiovascular disease published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, yoga may help lower your heart disease risk as much as conventional exercise, such as walking. The studies in the review looked at different types of yoga, including both mild and more strenuous forms. The participants ranged in age and heart…

Reinvigorate Your Outdoor Workout

Spring has sprung and it’s time to get back outside and reinvigorate your outdoor workout.  Outdoor exercise provides benefits beyond what you would experience by completing that same workout indoors.  Exercising outdoors increases your exposure to sunlight, enhancing vitamin D production, which has been linked to improving mood, promoting bone health, boosting immune system function, and reducing inflammation. Four Outdoor Workouts…

Safely Exercising in Summer Heat

Summer is right around the corner.  It’s the perfect time to get outside and exercise.  There are so many more fun options including swimming, paddling, running, cycling and even gardening. But the summer heat can be dangerous if you’re not careful, particularly in areas with extreme heat and humidity. The biggest issue is usually dehydration and maintaining… Read more »

Spring into Action

Spring is here and longer daylight hours and better weather are leading you toward living a healthier lifestyle, including more exercise.  It’s time to spring into action! But how do you ensure that your fitness trend becomes a habit and not something that will fade with the next season?  Here are some tips to get… Read more »