Are You Missing Out On Optimum Immunity?

Most people are worried about their immune system during the fall and winter months because the cold weather taxes your body. At the same time, many people get sick during the summer for one reason or another. It’s a busy time of the year and all the hustle and bustle can really wear on your immune system.  It’s important to keep your immune system strong throughout the entire year so that you can fight off colds and other illnesses with ease consistently and not have to worry about building your immune system “back-up” at any point during the year.

One good place to start in the summer is to stay hydrated. Drinking lots of water can ward off dehydration, one of the most common contributors to summer sickness. You’re sweating more, which means you’re losing moisture. Replace the water you’ve lost by amping up your fluid intake.  Water helps maintain moisture, particularly in the mucous membranes of your mouth and nasal passages – and that can help your immune system successfully fight off viruses and other dangerous threats to your health. Looking for more advantages to water consumption? Water flushes out toxins from the kidneys and also helps oxygenate your blood, which can promote better health over the long term.

Its also very important to consume more Vitamin C and D, especially if you spend your days out of the sun doing things like… WORKING.  Think of Vitamins C and D as the guardians standing at the front gate of your immune system. Without them, bacteria and unwanted substances are more likely to get into your body and wreak havoc on your summer vacation. Vitamin C and D can be found in many foods as well as in supplement form.

The immune system’s ability to do its job can be diminished by certain aspects of daily life. For instance, if you consume too much alcohol on a regular basis or if you smoke, your immune system might be compromised in its continual battle with potential health dangers to the body caused by invading viruses and bacteria. Another key element in the success your immune system can have in maintaining your health and well-being involves the foods you eat. Yet another effect on the immune system involves nutritional supplements.

One other way to keep your immune system in prime condition in the summer is by getting proper rest.  It can be hard to do so when the summer months feel short and you feel like you want to take advantage of all the great weather.  But when it comes to immune health basics, proper sleep is imperative to maintaining a strong immune system.  Studies show that lack of sleep can elevate stress hormones, which compromises the immune system.