Anti-Aging – 4 Secrets Plastic Surgeons Don’t Want You to Know

We’re always looking for anti-aging solutions in a culture that puts a premium on youth, it’s easy to see why we’re always looking for anti-aging remedies. But can nutritional supplements really slow the process? The answer lies in looking at scientific studies and separating truth from hype. Evidence that supplements work is promising. Since most of us… Read more »

Alzheimer’s may be blocked earlier than previously believed

A new study has found that plaque accumulation in the brain that contributes to Alzheimer’s disease takes years to develop and could be blocked well before the condition becomes irreversible. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, say the development of amyloid plaque that eventually leads to the disease could take as long as 15… Read more »

Heart disease and some cognitive problems in the elderly affect women more

During American Heart Month in February, a new study has shed light on the links between heart disease, poor circulation and mental decline in senior citizens. Mayo Clinic researchers report in the Journal of the American Medical Association on Neurology that women are particularly susceptible to the health connections to mild cognitive impairment as they age,… Read more »

National Senior Independence Month focuses on healthy aging in place 

With people living longer and healthier lives, there is a growing movement focused on aging in place, or living independently in one’s home for as long as senior citizens are able to keep up with the physical and cognitive demands of maintaining their own residences. The day-to-day activities in the typical senior citizen’s home demands the… Read more »

Heart-healthy diets may not improve cognitive function in seniors

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A study by scientists at a nutritional research center in France found that the heart-healthy benefits of a Mediterranean-style diet don’t necessarily strengthen cognitive ability in people as they age. A Mediterranean diet, so named for the cuisine of that region, is heavy in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and olive oil. It has long been associated… Read more »

Five-year plan of clinical trials aimed at improving Alzheimer’s treatments

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A five-year plan that involves four clinical trials of drugs and other treatments for Alzheimer’s disease will be undertaken by a consortium of medical centers across the United States and Canada, the National Institutes of Health announced. The program, which will be conducted at 70 medical sites in both countries, is called the Alzheimer’s Disease… Read more »