Heart Health One Step at a Time

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women, but heart disease is preventable and controllable. Every journey begins with one single step, whether it’s climbing a mountain or improving your health to prevent heart disease. Every year, roughly 715,000 Americans have a heart attack. Roughly 600,000 people die from heart… Read more »

Turn Your Summer Walk into a Workout

You’re ready to get some exercise. Maybe you want to lose a few pounds. Maybe all that daily sitting is getting you down. Maybe you just want to get some fresh air, vitamin D and treat your body right. But where to begin? Walking is one of the easiest and most profitable forms of exercise…. Read more »

Avoid the Summer Slump

When summer started, you may have had grand plans of upping the ante of your exercise routine. More daylight hours, nice weather and the vision of a beach-ready body were all the motivation you needed to get out there. But now that summer is full swing, it might feel like your motivation is rapidly dwindling… Read more »

Why Steady Cardio Doesn’t Equal Weight Loss

When a man says he wants to lose some weight, chances are the first thing he’ll do is go for a run or hit the treadmill. A lot of men believe that cardio equals weight loss. But most guys are going about it all wrong. Cardio is about conditioning – you’re conditioning your body to… Read more »

Healthy Ways to Use Your Lunch Break

You likely get a lunch break each day. In today’s fast paced world, many of us don’t actually use that break. We have deadlines looming, or we want to get home earlier, so we just push through and don’t take the break we deserve and our bodies desperately need. But we all need to pause… Read more »

Top Tips for Rest and Recovery

When you’re an active, sporty individual, you might not think about what your body needs post-workout. However, rest and recovery after exercise is essential to muscle and tissue repair and strength building. After heavy use, a muscle needs anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to repair and rebuild, and working it too hard or too… Read more »

Five Healthy Post-Workout Snacks

When you finish exercising, you are hungry. You need to replace the nutrients your body burned to give you the energy you expended. While you may be tempted to hit the drive-thru on your way home, there are better choices for post-workout snacks that will help your body recover. Try these six healthy options: Chocolate… Read more »

The Best Low-Impact Exercises

You don’t have to go out each day and pound the pavement, beating up your knees, hips and back just to get in a workout. There are plenty of more gentle choices that can get your heart pounding and help you stay in shape. Here are some of the best low-impact exercises: Swimming – Swimming… Read more »

Don’t Let Winter Weather Interfere with Your Workouts

winter sledding as a family

Baby it’s cold outside…but that doesn’t mean you have to skip your workout! Here are some tips to keep you moving, when everything around you is frozen. Acclimate – It takes time to get used to different temperatures whether you’re going from hot to cold or vice versa. Allow your body time to acclimate to… Read more »

Vitamin B Deficiency Linked to Poor Athletic Performance

vitamin b deficiency harms sport performance

According to a recent study from Oregon State University, active individuals lacking in B vitamins – including college athletes and elite competitors – may perform worse during high intensity exercise and have a decreased ability to repair and build muscle. The results were published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism. The… Read more »