You should have tried Super C22

Are you sitting at your office desk right now, feeling the effects of a cold taking over your day? The congestion, headache, sneezing and coughing can make it nearly impossible to focus on your work or pay attention in meetings. What’s worse is your runny nose is making you sniffle all day long, something that is surely getting on your co-workers’ nerves.

At this point, you might wish you had done something to prevent yourself from getting sick. Maybe this wouldn’t have happened if you had finished that bag of carrots at lunch or washed your hands more frequently or done anything to have decreased your risk of catching a cold.

A vitamin supplement can help you stay well by providing the body what it needs to fight against the common cold. Dr. Newton’s Naturals offers a great product for this purpose, called Super C22. It is packed with 2,500 percent of your recommended daily value of vitamin C to super-charge your immune system.

Vitamin C is vital in defending your body against the common cold and keeping your immune system healthy. Additionally, it has been recently linked to increased lung capacity, enhanced mental clarity and lower blood pressure. Super C22 may be exactly what you need to prevent another cold from ruining your day.

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