Women who eat fish regularly show lower risk of heart failure

According to scientists from the American Heart Association, postmenopausal women who frequently eat baked or broiled fish showed a lower risk of developing heart failure in their lifetimes.

The large-scale analysis revealed that women who received more than five servings of fish a week were up to 30 percent less likely to suffer from cardiovascular problems. It should be noted that the preparation method is significant, as those who ate fried fish were actually more likely to develop heart problems later in life.

“Not all fish are equal, and how you prepare it really matters,” said senior author Donald Lloyd-Jones. “When you fry fish, you not only lose a lot of the benefits, you likely add some things related to the cooking process that are harmful.

This study bolsters previous research that demonstrated how omega-3 fatty acids, found in large quantities in fish, can help promote cardiovascular health.

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