The top 10 reasons to eat your vegetables

If you’re like most people, you’d rather have a bowl of ice cream than one of Brussels sprouts. Your idea of party h’orderves is a plate of spicy buffalo wings – not a helping of carrot sticks and celery. When the waitress tells you that you can substitute a house salad for the french fries with your burger, you laugh and politely decline. However, your health will benefit a great deal if you would eat more vegetables. As you work to get your body beach-ready this summer, consider eating more of them to reach your goals faster and improve your overall health and wellness. Take a look at this list of reasons to eat more veggies.

1. They’re packed with nutrients. Your body needs vitamins and nutrients to stay healthy, full and satisfied, and vegetables provide them in high volumes.

2. You don’t have to worry about the calories. Veggies are a dieter’s best friend because you can eat as many as you want without counting calories. You won’t get fat from eating a whole bag of baby carrots  the way you would consuming the same amount of potato chips.

3. They can wear many hats. You can spice up your veggies however you want depending on what you’re in the mood for. Season some sweet potatoes with cinnamon or give green pepper a kick with some chili powder.

4. Veggies make great snacks. Forget snacking on salty snacks with french onion dip. Try making homemade hummus and enjoy it with some whole grain pita bread. You’ll be in snacker’s paradise without the guilt.

5. They can protect against diseases. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, vegetables can protect against heart disease and cancer. This alone is reason enough to pile the veggies on your plate.

6. National Eat Your Vegetables Day is coming up. Did you know every June 17th is National Eat Your Vegetables Day? Celebrate this year by hosting your own veggie party! Ask guests to bring their favorite veggie dish to share with everyone.

7. Plants can support many people. PETA explains plants can nutritionally support more people on this planet than other sources of food. Eat more vegetables to do something sustainable for humanity.

8. Vegetables stabilize blood sugar. By stabilizing your blood sugar, veggies keep you full and reduce your urge to overeat. This is another great reason to eat them when you’re trying to look good in a bikini.

9. They’re pretty cheap. The next time you’re at the grocery store, compare the prices of your favorite vegetables with some of the processed foods. You’ll be surprised to find veggies are often cheaper. Put more green on your plate, while you keep more green in your wallet!

10. You can increase your intake with a Dr. Newton’s supplement. Complement your increased consumption of vegetables at dinner by taking an all-natural product called Ultimate Reds. This nutrient-rich drink mix is packed with 20 immunity-boosting vegetables and fruits.

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