The newest diet craze calls for chocolate cake for breakfast?

Dieters are always looking for the newest way to shed pounds. Whether it involves eating zero carbs, eating only carbs, avoiding protein or drinking strictly carrot juice, some seem to be willing to do anything to lose weight. There’s no doubt that if the newest craze told people to eat cake for breakfast, most would be ready and happy to jump on board.

While cake itself hasn’t been found to be beneficial in losing weight, eating something sweet at the beginning of the day may help people lose weight. Researchers from Tel Aviv University have recently suggested that some individuals can lose more weight in the long run, and keep it off, if they eat a well-balanced, 600-calorie breakfast.

The study found if breakfast was around 600 calories and contained proteins and carbohydrates, weight loss can be more successful. Furthermore, if a dessert element was included in the meal, a person’s cravings for sweets were decreased throughout the day.

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