Stay moisturized this summer

Just because dry skin might be a more prevalent issue during the winter, doesn’t mean you should let your guard down as the temperatures start to warm and the sun comes out. Your skin can become just as dry and uncomfortable during the summer. This may be especially true in your live in a drier climate where the humidity is low. In dry heat your skin may be more susceptible to over drying and developing rashes.

Dry skin can lead to a variety of problems such as cracking, itchy and general unattractive skin. You certainly don’t want these to be the words used to describe your skin when it’s time to show a little more in summer shorts or bathing suit. Consider keeping your skin healthy, comfortable and beautiful with the help of a moisturizer from Dr. Newton’s Naturals.

Dr. Janet’s Glucosamine Cream is an all-natural moisturizing cream made from the same ingredient found in shells, animal bones and bone marrow called glucosamine. It provides the moisturizing powers you need to stay healthy and looking great through every pool party, backyard barbeque and weekend at the beach.

Combined with emu oil and vitamin E, Dr. Janet’s Glucosamine Cream is not greasy and is mess free, but is packed with optimum moisturizing benefits.

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