Spring Cleaning Your Health

It’s the perfect time for spring cleaning and organizing; replacing the old with new.  You can also spring clean your health!

Spring has sprung and many of us are home practicing social distancing.  It’s the perfect time for spring cleaning and organizing; replacing the old with new.  You can also spring clean your health!  Now is the time to replace your old sneakers, schedule those check-ups and examine your progress with those health resolutions. Toss your old bad habits and replace them healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Here are a few tips to get a head start on your spring health!

  1. Buy New Shoes – Your comfy, worn-out running shoes may be doing more harm than good. The general rule of running shoe replacement is every 600 miles of running or walking. For example, if you run 50 to 60 miles a week, you should replace your shoes every three months. The material, particularly in the heel, wears out with use, and loses its cushioning effect, which may cause pain and injury.
  2. Schedule Checkups and Screenings – Now that it’s spring, it’s the perfect time to schedule a head-to-toe checkup. An annual well exam for all ages is not just about good medical care, but it also gives you the opportunity to learn more about beneficial health habits, counseling and community support services as well as an overall view of the best ways to take care of yourself and your family for a lifetime.  A thorough well exam gives your doctor a health baseline for comparison. Screening for high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and more should be done on a regular basis.
  3. Stay Hydrated – Spending more time outside makes it even more important to monitor your intake of fluids. A good rule of thumb is to drink between half an ounce and an ounce of water for each pound you weigh. Therefore, someone weighing 150 pounds should drink between 75 and 150 ounces of water daily. Find a water bottle you love, fill it in the morning and make it your goal to refill several times a day.
  4. Start a Skincare Regimen – As the days get longer and the sun warmer, you are more likely to be outside. Your skin needs protection.  Be sure you are using a good sunscreen product and washing and moisturizing your skin on a daily basis.  Spring is the perfect time to shop for a new hat or cute pair of sunglasses to help protect your face.
  5. Prepare for Allergy Season – Spring allergies can hit you like a ton of bricks. Be sure you’re prepared by boosting your immunity now.  Vitamin C is a well-known immune-boosting antioxidant that lowers histamine levels in the bloodstream, which could prevent the onset of allergies. 2,000 mg of vitamin C can cut histamine levels (which trigger allergy symptoms) by up to 40%, improving breathing and your airway.

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