Sad over a breakup? Broken heart syndrome may protect from harmful spikes in adrenaline

Summer romances are one of the most exciting parts of the season, but these tender love affairs often have a short shelf life. If by summer’s end your newfound love has left you with a broken heart, the anguish you feel may seem all-encompassing.

New research by the Imperial College London suggests that while this syndrome can cause temporary heart failure for some, it may actually prevent the heart from experiencing dangerously high levels of adrenaline, reports Science Daily.

Published in the American Heart Association journal Circulation, the study found that when the body experiences intense spikes in adrenaline, it may force the heart to slow down its pumping and circulating abilities as a defensive tactic.

“Currently it is not fully known how to treat these patients. Insights from this work show that the illness may be protecting them from more serious harm,” said study co-author Alexander Lyon, M.D.

Broken heart syndrome, also known as Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, is spurred by extreme emotional duress and affects a small number of people. Triggers for this acute stress can range from loss of a loved one to the end of a relationship, or even a sudden surprise, like a party or medical diagnosis, according to The Mayo Clinic.

One to two percent of those who are initially treated for a heart attack are diagnosed with the illness, with a prevailing number of sufferers being older women over the age of 50.

Instead of blockage in the coronary arteries, healthcare professionals testing in the wake of a heart attack often find the heart has burgeoned in size.

“We’ve identified a drug treatment that might be helpful, but the most important thing is to recognize the condition, and not to make it worse by giving patients with Takotsubo cardiomyopathy more adrenaline or adrenaline-like medications,” added Lyon.

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