Protein shake yourself to better health

If you have recently joined a gym or shopped around the health foods section of the grocery store, you have probably come across protein shakes. In fact, many fitness facilities now even have an entire section or bar dedicated to selling shakes and smoothies.

Protein shakes are a great way to compensate for a lack of protein in your diet and refuel your body and build muscles after a workout. AskMen explains that these shakes are great to take as a supplement and to replace a meal every once in a while. This can help when you don’t have time to make a normal meal or you need to fuel-up on the go.

Dr. Newton’s Naturals offers a protein shakes that stand out among others currently available on the market. Gold Standard Protein combines the purest, highest grade ingredients from around the world including organic New Zealand whey with SuproXP soy.

This protein shake is packed with 32 amino acids, vitamins and minerals, and it tastes like dessert. Flavors like chocolate, vanilla and royale make Gold Standard delicious while still being all natural.

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