Protein Packed Snacks for Men

Beef jerky is the perfect manly man snack to keep on hand.

Beef jerky is the perfect manly man snack to keep on hand.

Getting your required daily dose of protein can prove challenging for anyone, especially when you’re trying to stay in shape, build some muscle or lose weight. It’s especially difficult for men since they tend to gravitate toward sweet or salty, unhealthy snack choices. Here are five protein-packed snacks to keep you going throughout the day.

  1. Pumpkin seeds
    Protein per serving: 19g
    Not only are pumpkin seeds a great source of protein, they’re loaded with zinc, which bolsters the male sex drive according to the Journal of Reproductive Studies.
  2. Mozzarella sticks
    Protein per serving: 15g
    Keep fresh mozzarella sticks in the fridge. You’ll enjoy the nutritional benefits without the pizza weighing you down. Since mozzarella comes from milk, it’s packed with calcium and protein, shoring up bones as well as muscle and providing a great post-gym snack to keep your metabolism burning fat.
  3. Beef jerky
    Protein per serving: 25g
    Beef jerky is the perfect manly man snack to keep on hand. Just be sure to watch the sugar and salt content, as some brands tend to go overboard on these.
  4. Almonds
    Protein per serving: 21g
    Full of healthy fats, almonds are the king of nuts when it comes to casual snacking. They’re also full of vitamin E, an excellent antioxidant booster according to Harvard’s School for Public Health.
  5. Greek Yogurt
    Protein per serving: 11g
    Naturally high in protein, the strength of Greek yoghurt is in its versatility. Add fresh fruit for a little something extra, or throw in some granola for much-needed fiber. You can even add a few nuts for an even bigger protein hit.

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