Probiotics can keep your gut and skin healthy

One thing many people don’t know is that it takes a lot for skin to look and feel healthy. For instance, you need to keep it hydrated and moisturized to prevent dryness and maintain a well-balanced diet to keep it strong. Another thing that influences skin health is the bacteria in the digestive tract. Believe it or not, bad microorganisms can have a negative impact on the epidermis.

To ensure that you keep replenishing your gut with good bacteria is to take an all-natural supplement made by Dr. Newton’s Naturals called Nu-Zymes Digestive Enzymes, which is a rich source of probiotics.

Taking probiotics daily has been reported safe with no severe side effects and may improve the health of the gut, according to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. These microorganisms are friendly bacteria that are similar to those naturally made in the digestive tract to help with digestion, vitamin absorption and functions carried out by the intestines.

Jay Brachfeld, M.D., a resident expert dermatologist for a company that sells vitamins, explains how the skin needs many essential nutrients to stay healthy and look good. However, as people age, their ability to readily absorb these vitamins and minerals decreases. This can also occur due to the loss of good bacteria in the digestive system.

“Restoring the proper intestinal flora through supplemental probiotics can revitalize intestinal health and, in turn, skin beauty,” said Brachfeld. “Probiotics support the immune system which the intestines are the center of. They restore millions of beneficial bacteria to the intestines that a poor diet and lifestyle habits has weakened.”

Probiotic supplements may also prevent the occurance of yeast infections, which can be caused by consuming large amounts of sugar or alcohol, antibiotics, or experiencing high levels of stress.

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