Prepare for those painful summer sunburns

The best time of the year – summer – is finally here. After a long winter, you can finally throw on a pair of comfortable shorts and your favorite sunglasses and head outside to enjoy the warm weather. Before you know it, you will be attending neighborhood barbecues, going to pool parties and planning your annual vacation to the beach.

But there’s something you must be prepared for before you venture out into the warm summer sun. The majority of people will suffer from a sunburn the first time they spend any extended time in the sun this season. This could happen the first day you work on your backyard garden, or a burn might appear just in the hour it takes to grill some hamburgers for a cookout.

It’s a good idea to always protect your skin from burning whenever you are outside, but especially during these first couple weeks of summer when your skin isn’t used to the powerful UV rays. Not only is getting a sunburn a good way to increase your chances of getting a skin cancer, it can also be extremely painful.

Even if you take all the right precautionary steps, there’s a chance you may still get burned. Keep Dr. Janet Maccaro’s Glucosamine Cream on hand this summer. Made with emu oil and a generous amount of vitamin E, it provides the ultimate moisturizing experience to sunburned skin.

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