Pediatricians recommend school recess for boosting child development

Many schools have considered reducing the allotted time available for recess in an effort to prepare children for upcoming state exams and extend classroom time. While this could be beneficial in improving the cognitive function of youngsters, pediatricians are advocating for school recess, claiming that it helps improve childhood development.

According to research from the American Academy of Pediatrics, recess helps youngsters develop the tools for an active and healthy lifestyle, something which is needed to combat the country’s growing obesity epidemic, HealthDay News reported.

“Recognizing the need for schools – on ever-more-stretched budgets and time constraints – to foster academic achievement amid new calls to support physical activity, obesity prevention, our study suggests that recess promotes a healthy learning environment and can help schools in meeting both demands,” said lead researcher Catherine Ramstetter, a member of the Academy’s committee on home and school health and a health educator at the Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The report is slated for publication in the January issue of the journal Pediatrics and demonstrates how a 15- to 20-minute break from class work can actually help children become better students.

Recess allows young people to break away from the confines of the classroom and explore new ways of engaging socially with peers as well as with nature and the community. By running, playing or getting involved in group sports, recess helps youngsters stay physically fit and lays the groundwork for healthy habits later in life.

Co-researcher Robert Murray, M.D., a professor in the department of human nutrition at Ohio State University, notes that recess also gives children the ability to process schoolwork and share ideas with peers, which is advantageous for mental and social development, the news source reported.

According to the University of North Carolina, recess has tangible benefits for physical health. Giving children a set time to engage in outdoor activities can reduce and prevent obesity, cardiovascular disease and lower blood pressure.

In addition to recess, parents can take a proactive stand and help children enjoy a better quality of life by using supplements.

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