Omega 3’s Lower Blood Pressure in Young Adults

New research using the Omega 3 Index blood test shows that higher levels of these fatty acids in the body is correlated with lower blood pressure in healthy young adults. The findings suggest that Omega-3 supplements can support long-term positive health outcomes, including healthy aging, in young adults.

The research will be published next month in the journal, Hypertension.  Subjects were between the ages of 25 and 41 and were of average weight no additional risk factors of high blood pressure including diabetes.  When measuring both systolic (SBP) and diastolic (DBP) blood pressure, scientists found significant, clinically relevant associations between lower SBP and DBP readings and Omega-3 levels when comparing those who scored the lowest and highest on the Omega-3 Index.  The study extends known associations with the Omega-3 Index to a new population – young adults.

The door is now open for a potential earlier heart protective role for Omega-3s.  Keeping blood pressure lower, even in those who have not been diagnosed with high blood pressure, could lead to better health outcomes later in life.  Meaning healthy aging can begin much sooner.

Controlling blood pressure is one of the key factors toward lessening the risk of life altering health conditions.  These range from congestive heart failure to more acute conditions. What has been known for years as “Prehypertension” is now being viewed as almost as damaging as full blown high blood pressure.

High blood pressure is being redefined as anything over 120/80.  This level and above has been associated with increasing risk of heart disease.  More recent research is finding a link between higher than optimal blood pressure and increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.  The risks of high blood pressure are real.  So, the sooner we can protect ourselves from it, the better.

Taking a high quality Omega-3 supplement is a good place to start. Based on this latest study, young adults should be getting adequate amounts of Omega-3s as well.

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