Lose weight and increase blood vessel function

According to a study conducted by John Hopkins, losing weight can help blood vessels function better. This was found to be especially true when a person loses fat in the stomach region.

The findings were presented at an American Heart Association cardiovascular disease prevention meeting. Researchers explained how the study spanned over a period of six month and found that those who lost weight had improved blood vessel function. This is due to the correlation between fat reduction and the ability of blood to flow freely through the veins because the arteries are able to expand as needed.

“Our study demonstrated that the amount of improvement in the vessels was directly linked to how much central, or belly fat, the individuals lost, regardless of which diet they were on. This is important since there have been concerns that a low-carb diet, which means eating more fat, may have a harmful effect on cardiovascular health. These results showed no harmful effects from the low-carb diet,” said lead study author Kerry J. Stewart.

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