Looking for a good source of vitamin D?

What is it that everyone is looking for? Are people searching for love? Money, fame or recognition? No, they are looking for an adequate source of vitamin D. The problem is many don’t know they’re looking for this and are instead wondering why they’re suffering from inadequate health and living a lower quality of life.

Medical News Today explains humans attain vitamin D from their diets, dietary supplements or exposure to sunlight. Unfortunately, because most people work indoors these days, and consider a meal to be something picked up from a drive through window, the majority of Americans are vitamin D deficient.

According to The Office of Dietary Supplements, the groups most at risk for vitamin D deficiency are breast fed infants, older adults, people with limited sun exposure or with dark skin and people who are obese. This deficiency can lead to a variety of bone problems including Rickets, a disease characterized by bone tissue being unable to properly mineralize and therefore are unable to form correctly.

In order to combat this growing concern, consider taking ActiveMag D from Dr. Newton’s Naturals. This all-natural supplement combines vitamin D with magnesium, a substance critical in the absorption and metabolism of the vitamin.

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