Is your son or daughter watching too much television?

Is your son or daughter perennially glued to the television set? If he or she would rather watch cartoons than go outside and play, you may be concerned about the effects this inactivity can have on your child’s general health and well-being. According to new research, children who watch more television between the ages of 2 and 4 are at an increased risk for gaining weight later in life.

Released in a BioMed Central journal by the University of Montreal, the study found that waist circumference increased in connection with the hours of television that children watched. An extra hour of TV per week was also found to decrease sports performance, according to BBC News.

“The bottom line is that watching too much television – beyond the recommended amounts – is not good,” said study co-author Linda Pagani, M.D.

The viewing habits of over 1,300 children were examined in the study. While most of the children watched 8.8 hours weekly at the start of the study, researchers determined that this number increased to an average of 14.8 by age 4 1/2.

Ultimately, findings yielded a less-than-promising outcome. Of the 15 percent of children who watched 18 hours of television by age 4 1/2, the likelihood of gaining a larger waist by the age of 10 increased.

“Across the occidental world, there have been dramatic increases in unhealthy weight for both children and adults in recent decades. Watching more television not only displaces other forms of educational and active leisurely pursuits but also places them at risk of learning inaccurate information about proper eating,” added Pagani.

The American Academy of Pediatrics discourages children under the age of 2 from watching television. Instead, interactive activities like playing, singing and reading can promote better brain development, according to the source. Overall, children should watch no more than two hours of television daily.

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