Is your husband under too much stress at the office?

Being a parent can often feel like a full-time job, yet for many fathers across the country, these duties go hand-in-hand with a rigorous work schedule that often includes more than just the standard 40 hours per week at the office.

If it seems like your husband or partner is working more than ever these days, that’s because he probably is. According to recent research from The Netherlands Institute for Social Research, more dads are clocking up to 40 additional hours of overtime each week, reports

“This clearly does not ease the situation for women and men who want to combine career and family-life,” said lead researcher Patricia van Echtelt. “Moreover, a growing body of literature shows that working long hours does not automatically lead to greater productivity and effectiveness.”

While the study was conducted in the Netherlands, the findings can also apply to the United States. Researchers found that, of more than 1,000 male and female adults who were examined, 69 percent of men worked overtime. Comparatively, 42 percent of women were likely to work overtime.

Do you fear that these long hours may be having a negative effect on your husband or partner? According to a recent survey conducted online by the American Psychological Association, an estimated 22 percent of participants reported feeling extreme levels of stress.

If your husband suffers from occupational stress or anxiety, this can lead to chronic illnesses, including heart attack, stroke, depression and obesity. An all-natural supplement from Dr. Newton’s Naturals may help boost his health and leave him more energized during the time you spend together. A product like CalMax Original can specifically target calcium deficiencies related to stress and supports healthy bones, heart function and hormonal balance.

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