Is everyone in the office getting sick?

It is easy to pass germs around, especially in an office environment. Everyone is opening and closing the same doors, drinking from the same water fountain and passing around staplers and documents. If you then consider the fact that these co-workers have been exposed to the germs their children have brought home from daycare, or perhaps spouses who work in a healthcare envirnment, you are truly just waiting to get sick.

Don’t let yourself become a sitting duck to germs and illness. Not only is it no fun being sick, but wouldn’t you rather save your days off work doing something besides being sick? Consider boosting your immune system with an all natural supplement from Dr. Newton’s Naturals.

Created by Dr. Michael Pinkus, Ultimate Reds is a product formulated with your recommended values of fruits and vegetables in a concentrated drink mix so you can get essential vitamins and nutrients on the go. The all natural ingredients in the mix combine powerful antioxidants, including resveratrol and acai berries, to build immunity and fight free radicals.

Help protect your body from sickness by providing it with the antioxidants it needs. You will never regret preparing against illness, you will only regret not doing so the day you wake up feeling sick.

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