If you are older – do not worry, be happy and healthy

If you’re cruising into your golden years, you’re likely enjoying retirement – maybe playing golf or taking up a new hobby. You probably enjoy spending time with the grandchildren and your family, visiting friends and maybe even taking a vacation to Europe. This is a great part of your life, so do your best to live it to the fullest – with an optimistic attitude and good health.

Research shows that thinking a certain way can help older individuals stay healthy. However, this does not just refer to thinking of the glass as half full. A recent study published in BioMed Central’s journal, BMC Medicine, explains cognitive training can slow diseases in the elderly such as dementia.

The Chinese study examined participants ages 65 to 75 who were regularly given a series of cognitive training assignments. These tasks tested things like memory, reasoning, map reading, problem solving and health education. Participants also received training six months after the initial assignments called booster training.

“Compared to the control group, who received no training, both levels of cognitive training improved mental ability, although the multifaceted training had more of a long term effect. The more detailed training also improved memory, even when measured a year later and booster training had an additional improvement on mental ability scores,” said lead researcher, Wenyuan Wu.

So what does this mean for a person who does not have access to these cognitive training assignments? Keeping your mind working, focused and positive may be a good way to stay healthy. While visiting friends and family, read the map to get there and plan fun activities to do while visiting.

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