How can vitamin B-100 help me?

According to, Vitamin B-100 is simply another way of referring to the B complex vitamins. This includes vitamin B-1, B-2, B-3, B-5, B-6 and B-12, as well as biotin and folic acid.

One of the most significant things vitamin-B 100 can help with is lack of energy. Sometimes called the energy vitamin, it helps the body get the most out of the food you eat by assisting in the process of converting carbohydrates into energy. For this reason, the source explains some energy drinks contain vitamin-B complex.

Dr. Newton’s Naturals offers a great source of vitamin B-100 complex called Vital-B 100. Developed by Dr. Michael Pinkus, it’s scientifically formulated with eight B vitamins and a potent blend. It can help boost energy levels, as well as naturally fight stress and premature aging.

Vital B may also bolster the metabolism of fats and protein, increase liver function, improve cardiovascular function, promote immune function and help hair and skin look and feel healthier. Consider trying Vital-B today to help replenish your body and restore essential the nutrients that could make all the difference.

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