How can I soothe my dry summer skin?

Some people are under the impression that your skin can only get dry during the winter. Boy, are they wrong. Winter may have cold winds that whip by and uncomfortably dry air, but when the warmer months head your way you’ll be faced with a dry heat which can be even worse. You also risk getting sunburned and causing other damage to your skin, resulting in a dry, tight and uncomfortable feeling all over your body.

Discovery Health says you should begin taking care of your skin at the beginning of every summer day. This starts by taking a cool shower. Although a hot, steamy shower might feel good, it dries out your skin more than cooler showers. Be sure to pat dry gently and apply a lotion with sunblock if you plan to be outside at all.

You may also want to resist cranking the air conditioning up as high as it goes. According to Everyday Health, an air conditioning unit will pull humidity out of the air and can cause your skin to become dry. Finally, consider applying Dr. Janet’s Glucosamine Cream to problem areas. Available at Dr. Newton’s Naturals, this concentrated moisturizing cream can help your skin get through the dry, hot summer.

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