Help your man respond better to stress

Any woman who has ever lived with or become close to a man knows how upset they they can become when stressed. He may have had an intense meeting in the office or just found out that a big deal fell through, and suddenly his stress level goes through the roof. For some men, something as simple as shooting a poor golf score can put him over the edge.

So why is it that men seem to become so agitated over stressful situations? Does it just seem that way to women or is there something that truly sets the two genders apart? In turns out that a gene called SRY in men may promote more aggression and other traditionally male behavioural traits when stressed, according to a study by Australian scientists recently published in BioEssays.

“Historically males and females have been under different selection pressures which are reflected by biochemical and behavioural differences between the sexes. The aggressive fight-or-flight reaction is more dominant in men, while women predominantly adopt a less aggressive tend-and-befriend response,” explained one researcher, Dr. Joohyung Lee from the Prince Henry’s Institute in Melbourne.

This gene was previously known to play a role in the formation of male testes. If it is not present the fetus develops as a female. However, it was recently found in the brain to control dopamine levels in males as well.

“This suggests SRY exerts male-specific effects in tissues outside the testis, such as regulating cardiovascular function and neural activity, both of which play a vital role in our response to stress,” said Dr. Lee.

This may seem like a bit of bad news for all the wives, mothers and sisters out there. If the over-stressed tendencies of their male loved ones is genetically predisposed, what can be done to help them relax and not overreact?

An all-natural supplement from Dr. Newton’s Naturals may help. Dr. Michael Pinkus has developed a breakthrough formula called Vital B-100. It contains a combination of eight B vitamins and a potent blend of antioxidants to support the nervous system and reduce stress.

In addition to being an anti-stress vitamin, Vital B-100 may also help to bolster the metabolism of fats and proteins, promote immune function, increase liver function, assist the body’s ability to release energy from food and moderate cholesterol.

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