Glucosamine Cream Reverses Aging

Glucosamine is well known as a remedy for arthritis and joint problems. But, did you know that glucosamine in creams or an oral supplement has anti-aging properties? As we age, our glucosamine levels tend to drop.  Applied to the skin, glucosamine cream helps stimulate the cellular renewal process, which helps remove and replace old, dead and wrinkled skin with fresh and healthy skin. When glucosamine is delivered into the deeper layers of your skin, it stimulates the production of collagen, which helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

The damaging effects of the sun and environmental pollution, which releases free radicals, cause much of our skin’s aging. These highly reactive chemicals attack everything in sight – breaking down the elastin, collagen, GAG’s and PG’s all of which are responsible for youthful looking skin.  Supplemental glucosamine supports the rebuilding of the damaged tissues.

Clinical studies have found that the topical application of glucosamine cream has a dramatic anti-aging effect.  It was proven successful in lessening the appearance of dark spots (also known as “age spots”) on the face caused by overexposure to the sun and prohibiting the emergence of new age spots.  Along with the improvement in pigment, skin tone and barrier function improved as well.  Barrier function is the skin’s ability to construct a barrier to ward off environmental damage.

Glucosamine can also help retain skin moisture.  Whether you’re looking to reverse the damage already done to your skin or maintain your youthful glow, glucosamine can be an effective strategy.

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