Get healthy this summer

If you’re like most people, you made all kinds of New Year’s resolutions back in January. You promised yourself that this year would be different, and that this time you would really stick to your goals. However, now that June is quickly approaching you’re baffled at how fast the months flew by and wonder how you failed to accomplish one single resolution.

You told yourself you would do things like join the gym (and actually go), lose the 10 pounds that are causing your muffin top, eat more vegetables and start taking vitamins. You really meant to do all of these things, but there was always one reason or another why you delayed, including vacations, parties, paychecks and other factors. Don’t beat yourself up over it, because everyone does this year after year. But now is the time to stop making excuses and start getting in shape earlier. You’re not getting any younger, and with summer officially underway, improving your overall health and well-being will give you the energy to do the summer activities you love and look great at the beach!

Joining the gym is something that many people say they want to do, and although a good number will sign up for the membership, only a handful will consistently go for any real amount of time. Therefore, try committing to the gym just two or three times a week and then do activities outside. The great thing about committing to get more physically active during the summer is that you can do all kinds of exercise outdoors.

In the morning, go on a bike ride in time to see the sunset, or take the kids rollerblading during the weekend. It could even be as simple as going on a leisurely walk after supper. As long as you’re up and moving, you can improve your heart health and burn calories.

In terms of your other goals – losing weight, eating more veggies and taking more vitamins – Dr. Newton’s Naturals has you covered. Skinny D can provide your body with the essential vitamins and nutrients it needs to stay full and focused, whereas Ultimate Reds provides you with your recommended daily value of fruits and vegetables in a concentrated powder beverage. Let Dr. Newton’s help you accomplish your resolutions and look and feel healthier this summer!

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