Feeling stressed out and listless? Improve your energy in 4 easy steps

Do you find your energy levels lagging all the time, even after a restful night’s sleep? If you’ve grown listless and increasingly stressed out over the last several weeks, an all-natural supplement like CalMax Gold, which is offered by Dr. Newton’s Naturals, may be a convenient way to clear your mind and provide your body with the nutrients it needs to fight back. Here are four other ways you can get a surge in vitality.

1. Change your diet. This can seem like one of the easiest transitions to make, but in truth, it can be difficult to cut out familiar foods and savory dishes you’ve grown to love over the years. Forbes Magazine recommends consuming more foods rich in protein, especially early in the day, when cortisol levels are at an all-time high. For breakfast, try scrambling up a few tasty eggs. Snacks like fruit or cottage cheese can help get you through those mid-day hunger pangs. For dinner, substitute rice with something with more nutrients, like quinoa.

2. Tend to your digestive system. While you’re making exciting new changes to your diet, you may still feel bloated and tired. If this is the case, consider clearing out your gastrointestinal tract by drinking eight glasses of water daily and cutting out soda and other junk food. If you still suffer from bloating, you can get extra support from a supplement like Nu-Zymes Digestive

3. Take a break from technology. Do you rely heavily on electronic devices to get in touch with others? CNN suggests that this can create spikes in adrenaline, which in turn can deplete your body’s natural energy stores. It may seem crazy, but try unplugging yourself from these modes of communication for a few days. You’re sure to experience a sense of relief and give yourself new found power for the week ahead.

4. Practice meditation. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, the best thing you can do for your body is clear away the cobwebs. Yoga and other physical activities may help you gain a stronger sense of self and allow you to discern the root of your problems. As you crouch into new positions you never knew you could master, you could find your confidence levels start to surge and your spirits lifted!

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