Do low omega-3 levels cause memory problems?

According to a study published in the American Academy of Neurology journal, Neurology, low levels of omega-3 fatty acids might be to blame for memory problems in some people. ScienceDaily reports researchers from the Easton Center Alzheimer’s Disease Research and the Division of Geriatrics at the University of California Los Angeles studied 1,575 people to determine this proposal.

The average participant age was 67 and all were free of dementia. Study author Zaldy S. Tan, MD, MPH, explained the study discovered people with lower levels of omega-3 in their blood had lower brain volumes. This decrease in brain volume was equal to around two years of brain aging, Zaldy said. When the brain ages faster, the source states that memory and thinking problems are inhibited.

Therefore, older individuals may want to consider taking a supplement from Dr. Newton’s Naturals that can provide the body with proper levels of omega-3 fatty acids. OmegaKrill is an all-natural product that contains krill oil, a substance derived from shrimp-like crustaceans that are found in icy waters, and which has more omega-3 than fish oil.

Developed by Dr. Michael Pinkus, it may help fight the signs of aging and increase brain function as well as support cardiovascular health and promote joint comfort.

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