Diets high in salt may lead to high blood pressure

During the summer, delicious dishes cooked over the barbecue likely line your dinner table. With all those burgers, hot dogs and fries, however, you run the risk of breaking your diet and consuming more salt than your body has had in months. New research suggests that over time, a diet loaded with salt may be harmful to blood vessels.

Science Daily reports that the study, which was published in the journal Circulation by the American Heart Association (AHA), suggests the existence of a sodium amplification loop that can lead to hypertension, or high blood pressure, through damage to blood vessels.

The study’s results “add to the considerable evidence that a diet heavy on salt is closely linked to high blood pressure,” said lead author John Forman, M.D. “In addition, this study reinforces guidelines backed by the American Heart Association and other professional organizations that recommend reducing salt consumption to minimize the risk of developing high blood pressure.”

Over 5,500 men and women from Groningen, Netherlands, participated in the study. Samples of urine were collected daily to assess the connection between sodium and traces of uric acid and albumin in urine that could suggest blood vessel damage. The participants were not taking medication for high blood pressure during the screening.

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