Depression can cause mothers to wake babies needlessly

All new mothers know how stressful it can be to worry about their babies. When you first brought your little one home from the hospital, you were probably a little unsure about what to do.  You were sure every little noise or crying sound the baby made wasn’t normal. Perhaps you called your own mother around the clock to get advice and confirm you weren’t doing anything wrong. This is all normal, however, it’s possible that if you are also experiencing symptoms of depression you could be worrying too much and needlessly waking your baby.

Many women suffer from postpartum depression. This is moderate to severe depression that typically occurs within the first three months after giving birth, according to the United State Library of Medicine. The source explains it’s often the result of mood changes in the body during pregnancy and delivery, but can also be made worse due to lack of sleep, the changes having a baby has on your life and relationships and worries about your ability to be a mother. This can cause feelings of anxiety and stress, and a recent study conducted by Penn State has found depressed mothers are also more likely to wake up their babies without cause in the middle of the night.

“We found that mothers with high depressive symptom levels are more likely to excessively worry about their infants at night than mothers with low symptom levels, and that such mothers were more likely to seek out their babies at night and spend more time with their infants than mothers with low symptom levels,” explained Douglas M. Teti of the Social Science Research Institute and professor of human development, psychology and pediatrics.

Researchers explain this is problematic because waking up an infant in the middle of the night can disrupt his or her ability to develop self-regulated sleep. It can also cause increased parental distress and lead to feeding problems. If you are suffering from postpartum depression and this sounds familiar, consider helping yourself and your baby by trying an all-natural supplement from Dr. Newton’s Naturals that has been found to relieve some of the symptoms of depression.

Developed by Dr. Michael Pinkus, Vital-B 100 contains essential nutrients to replenish your nervous system and relieve stress. In addition to eight B vitamins, it also has a potent blend of antioxidants so your nervous system can deal with stress more effectively. It can not only help offset symptoms of depression, but it may improve cardiovascular function, promote healthy cell growth and support the metabolism of fats and proteins.

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