Could your weight affect intelligence in children?

A recent study conducted by Ohio State University has discovered women who are obese before becoming pregnant are more likely to have children with lower cognitive function, according to ScienceDaily. Children were tested on cognitive ability with reading and math tests. Researchers found those children whose mothers were obese before pregnancy had test scores an average of three points lower on reading and two points lower math test scores than children with mothers who had a healthy weight.

Researchers believe this is due to the fact that prepregnancy obesity can have a negative impact on the mother’s heart, liver and pancreas. Because the fetus is so dependent on the mother for proper development, a woman’s poor physiological characteristics can affect the baby’s brain.

“This is a large population study, so at the individual level we can’t say that one person’s decision to change her weight will change her child’s outcome,” explained senior author of the study and nursing professor at Ohio State, Pamela Salsberry. “But these findings suggest that children born to women who are obese before pregnancy might need extra support.”

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