Could weight loss surgery have long-term hidden costs?

Older men who undergo weight loss surgery may experience mounting medical bills in the years that follow despite claims that such procedures reduce expenses over time, reports The New York Times.

Released in The Archives of Surgery, one study examined over 1600 obese men recruited from 12 Veterans Affairs medical centers across the nation. The participants, who were 50 years old on average, were divided into two groups of 800. One of these groups participated in weight loss surgery while the other was used as a control group.

Researchers found that participants who had surgery spent an average of $4,400 more on medical bills than the control group participants. Prior to the surgery, men in this group were also more likely to spend money, although this was attributed to tests, examinations and other medical-related routines leading up to the procedure. While this leap in expenditure may be linked to extensive post-operative care, the authors of the study found that medical costs continued to be high for three years following operations.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, an estimated 113,000 Americans have weight loss procedures performed each year. Gastric bypass surgery accounts for only 3 percent of cases while laparoscopic gastric banding accounts for 37 percent of procedures.

Despite the intensive nature of the surgeries, only 7.6 percent of cases result in complications, reports the source.

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