Could sunscreen be causing more harm than good?

You’ve always been told to slather the sunscreen on during the summer, right? Well, as you prepare to defend yourself against painful burns and skin damage this summer, you might want to consider the newest study conducted at the Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Researchers discovered that when zinc oxide, a chemical found in most sunscreens, is exposed to the sun, it releases free radicals that can damage cells and cell DNA, therefore increasing skin cancer risk. While more extensive research is needed, in the meantime you may benefit from using an all-natural sunscreen, or at least one that does not contain zinc oxide.

Also, do your best to simply stay in the shade while you’re outside. You might be doing your body more good to stay under a sun umbrella or wear a hat and sunglasses rather than using potentially harmful sunscreen.

If you still manage to get a sunburn, consider relieving the discomfort with an all-natural lotion from Dr. Newton’s Naturals. Dr. Janet’s Glucosamine Cream provides the ultimate moisturizing experience as it contains emu oil, as well as generous amounts of vitamin E.

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