Could exercise help counteract muscle breakdown?

According to ScienceDaily, a resource for the latest scientific research news, a recent study has found exercise may help decrease or reverse muscle breakdown. Muscle breakdown can occur from heart failure and may also be caused naturally by old age. The research is published in the American Heart Association journal Circulation.

The source explains researchers studied 60 patients who had experienced heart-failure, in addition to 50 healthy patients. Half of each group was 55 years or younger, while the other half was 65 years and older. Some participants were closely monitored when they performed aerobic exercises for four weeks, while some did no exercise. The study researchers then used biopsy results to determine if heart failure participants had greater levels of the protein associated with muscle breakdown. However, it seems that exercise reduced how frequently the protein occurred. Exercise also decreased muscle inflammation, notes the source.

“Exercise switches off the muscle-wasting pathways and switches on pathways involved in muscle growth, counteracting muscle loss and exercise intolerance in heart failure patients,” explained Stephan Gielen, M.D., lead study co-author and Deputy Director of Cardiology at the University Hospital, Martin-Luther-University of Halle, Germany.

This research offers outstanding promise to heart failure patients, both young and old. Exercise may serve as a treatment or therapeutic method for counteracting muscle breakdown for even elderly patients. These findings will be especially important because more people are expected experience heart problems as the population continues to age, according to Gielen.

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