Celebrate National Women’s Health Week

National Women’s Health Week is coordinated by the U.S Department of Health and Human Services.  They utilize the week to empower women in making their health a priority. They also encourage women to take the necessary steps to improve their physical and mental health and lower their risk of certain diseases.  Those steps include:

  • Eating a nutritious diet
  • Getting enough vitamins and minerals
  • Getting enough exercise
  • Visiting a health care professional for regular check-ups and screenings
  • Avoiding risky behavior, such as smoking
  • Improving mental health by getting enough sleep and managing stress

Diet – The food and drink choices you make every day affect your health now and later in life. Choosing healthy foods and drinks more often can help prevent or manage many health problems that affect women. And studies show that when a woman eats a healthy diet, everyone in her household is more likely to eat healthy.

Exercise– You may find yourself completely exhausted at the end of each day and think you’re getting enough daily exercise. Chances are, you’re not.  You need to carve out time for a workout at least three times a week.  Make exercise a priority and you will improve not only your physical health, but your mental health as well.  Take the time to get out for a vigorous walk, join a gym or go for a bike ride or swim. Make it a family affair and do something together.  Not only will you be putting your health first, but you’ll also be setting a fantastic example for your children.

Stress –If you’re not managing your stress well, you may be at risk for stress-related calcium deficiency. Over time, stress may steal calcium from our bones, and keep us from our optimal heart, digestive and arterial health.To help fight the negative effects of stress, nutritional experts suggest fortifying your body with calcium and magnesium. CalMax Refresh is a natural mineral beverage powder with a 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium.  When mixed with cold water, it dissolves quickly and is available for immediate absorption.  Take CalMax Refresh to support strong bones, boost energy and maintain heart health.

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