Can stress at work lead to heart attacks in women?

From out-of-touch bosses to difficult deadlines, jobs can be a source of frustration with very little relief offered. If your job is a constant source of tension, you likely carry that grief home with you in the form of headaches, exhaustion and stubborn backaches. Yet did you know that stress can have even more pernicious manifestations?

According to recent research by Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, chronic pressure in the workplace can lead to cardiovascular risks in women.

Published in the open access journal PLoS One on July 18, the study found that women with higher job pressure are 67 percent more likely to experience a heart attack, reports Science Daily. They were also 38 percent more likely have a heart-related health issue versus women in low-stress work positions.

“Elevated job strain, a form of psychological stress, has long term cardiovascular health effects in women and could suggest the need for health care providers to incorporate assessment of and identification of useful interventions that minimize the effects of job strain,” explained lead author Michelle A. Albert, M.D.

Over 22,000 women in the healthcare industry were examined over the course of 10 years. The data was largely self-reported, but suggests that these effects could be endemic to the profession, which is known for its intense work environment. The study did not take into account the marital status or ages of participants.

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