Breast cancer survival may be increased by consuming cruciferous vegetables

Researchers are constantly looking for ways to help patients diagnosed with breast cancer find something they can do to increase their quality of life and overall rate of survival.

A recent study conducted by Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center and Shanghai Center for Disease Control and Prevention looked at clinical characteristics and lifestyle factors of Chinese women who were diagnosed with breast cancer to see what aspects played a role in survival rates.

What they found to be very interesting was those who ate cruciferous vegetables during the first 36 months after diagnosis reduced their breast cancer mortality risk, as well as chance of disease recurrence. However, researchers want to urge women to realize that eating patterns are different among Chinese women and American women.

“Commonly consumed cruciferous vegetables in China include turnips, Chinese cabbage (bok choy) and greens, while broccoli and Brussels sprouts are the more commonly consumed cruciferous vegetables in the United States and other Western countries. The amount of intake among Chinese women is also much higher than that of U.S. women.”

Therefore, American women may want to increase their regular consumption of these cruciferous vegetables. Also, consider taking a supplement from Dr. Newton’s Naturals called Ultimate Reds. It’s formulated with an immunity-boosting blend of fruits and veggies that can help support a healthy lifestyle and fight harmful free radicals.

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