Boost your physical activity, boost your happiness

Getting off the couch and going for a run or bike ride can leave you feeling great – you may enjoy increased energy and feel a bit happier in general. A recent study conducted by Penn State University found that people are more like to be enthusiastic and excited when they are physically active.

“Doing more exercise than you typically do can give you a burst of pleasant-activated feelings. So today, if you want a boost, go do some moderate-to-vigorous intensity exercise,” said Amanda Hyde, a kinesiology graduate student at Penn State.

If you are feeling tired and unmotivated to get active, consider taking an all-natural product from Dr. Newton’s Naturals to boost your energy. The reason you are tired may be because you’re lacking essential vitamins and nutrients.

Natural Energy provides the necessary nutrients for your body to produce its own energy without unwanted side effects. It has been found to improve mental clarity, reduce stress and even improve sleep. ActivMag is another great product that uses magnesium to get you going. This can help to boost energy levels during the day, decrease pain and promote circulatory system health.

Don’t miss out on all the fun the world has to offer, get active to improve your mood and your health!

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